Expo Reflections: On Teaching & Learning with Barbra Schulte

Lovely people, it felt a little strange to just roll into the next episode of the podcast without mentioning what I’d been up to the last little while. I considered sitting on my lonesome and giving you a debrief (**yawn**) and then had the most excellent idea to contact some of my people and see if they wanted to join me too.

With that in mind, with me today is Cutting Horse Royalty, Human Who Epitomises Grace (these all require capital letters), a fabulous friend and someone with a dry and mischievous sense of humour (all my favourite things), Barbra Schulte.

If you are yet to fall in love with Barb, here’s a little bit about her…

Barbra Schulte is a Professional Cutting Horse Trainer, Personal Performance Coach, Author, Clinician, and Equine Consultant. Among her many accolades, in 2000 Barbra was awarded the prestigious National Female Equestrian of the Year Award given by the American Quarter Horse Association in conjunction with the Women’s Sports Foundation. This honor recognized outstanding performance and leadership in a female equestrian.

In 2012 she was inducted into the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame, one of the most prestigious awards available for women equestrians for outstanding career accomplishments.

I talk with Barb about our experience together at the Western States Horse Expo, discuss what she most loves teaching and how it is our work has influenced us both personally and professionally.

I hope you enjoy it!

You can learn more about Barb or get in touch with her on her website.

xx Jane


Allowing Yourself To Be Moved: On Creative Practices as Portals for Transformation & Wellbeing

Modern understandings of anatomy and physiology have allowed us to know our body and mind in ways that have not understood previously. Whilst this is a blessing that sees both horses and humans able to function in a way that maximizes health and wellness, we have to take care that the same information that seeks to liberate does not become reductive. Where we are reduced to a body mobilized by a nervous system and brain and forget that we are so much more beyond that.

Our creativity, our intuition, the imaginative and the symbolic are, equal to the touchable and the visceral, a huge part of what makes up the magic and mystery of being human. A huge part of what allows us to make sense of the world, our place in it, and to both open and close loops of experience that may be swimming in the pool of our unconscious.

When we approach or seek out work that allows us to lead full and vital lives, to reconcile upsetting or traumatic experience, or to find a way through a real and present challenge, what we are looking for is safe passage; ways to be moved from the point that we find ourselves in now to a different space—a space that allows us more choices and gives us back our agency and voice.

Creative expression offers this, both as an organizing, physical movement and an internal movement. It allows us to leave a different person from how we came.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • A personal experience I had this week with writing that I found transformative on every level
  • How creative expression can allow us to close open loops of experiences that are keeping us stuck
  • The need for creative expression as part of a full and vital life

I hope you enjoy it!

Happy listening,

xx Jane

Question: What are the ways to feel safe within vulnerability?

I found out recently that the phrase “heart on your sleeve” is, in part, from Shakespeare’s play Othello— we have just conveniently lopped off the other half of the sentence which goes on to say “…for the daws to peck at”.

These words are uttered by one of the most villainous characters in the play, who, in the process of confessing to treacherous acts, remarks that by wearing his heart upon his sleeve, which he says to mean the act of truly exposing himself or opening himself up, he would be inviting crows to peck away at him. As a consequence, he opts to keep his true emotions and intentions hidden.

While the treachery might not be entirely relatable, the idea of opening yourself up to the crows by speaking the truth of your insides might hit closer to home.

In JoyRide this morning, I asked if anyone had anything they would like me to speak to on the podcast, and Leana posted:

Ways to feel safe within vulnerability

I love this as a conversation launch point because there is so much to be said for safeguarding practices around vulnerable experiences and the process of ‘opening up’, the depth of which I only skim the surface of in this episode. Vulnerability has become somewhat of a cultural catchphrase, but the reality of what it takes to be vulnerable- and for that to be truly held- is much more complex and nuanced than perhaps we consider or allow for.

The world is hungry for vulnerability- on social media, in the arts (music, writing, music) etc, in life- but in the midst of the desire for its production and consumption, there is sometimes little to hold it at the other end. In some instances, vulnerability has become yet another commodity, another product ready for consumption without wider conversations around what our collective and community responsibility might be if we find ourselves on the receiving end of vulnerable expression.

On a personal level, vulnerability needs to be shared with discernment. Our energy is precious and to be vulnerable is another level of energy cultivation that can be depleting if not experienced in a context where that same energy is contained, and then beyond that offered back.

With that in mind…

What does it mean to be vulnerable?

How do we share our vulnerability with discernment?

And what is our collective and community responsible for both the vulnerable and vulnerability both?

I hope you enjoy it!

You can listen to the podcast on your favourite podcast app, or by clicking the link below

❤️ Jane

Links referred to in this conversation

JoyRide: www.confidentrider.online/joyride

Substack & Interwoven: janepike.substack.com

On Time, Space & Bigger Questions with Tania Kindersley & Kathy Price

Lovely people, I’m back– Both on the airways with the Confident Rider Podcast more generally speaking, and with two of my favourites, the incredible Tania Kindersley and Kathy Price. If you are familiar with our catch ups from the past you will know that the usual format runs to something like the following:

 What do you think we should talk about?

I’m not sure, what do you think?

I’m not sure either?

Shall we just hit record and see what happens?

Yes, let’s.

So here we are, hitting record and seeing what happens!

Given the nature of good friends, similar interests and desires for conversations that do more than skim across the surface level, we inevitably find things get interesting quite quickly.

 Over the course of our meandering conversations, we discuss:

  • What is it we mean when we say that we are always learning from our horses?
  • What does it mean to live a live that feels spacious?
  • What is your relationship to time? How does it differ between horses and humans?
  • How might the creative process apply to our relationship with our horses?

I hope you enjoy it!

❤️ Jane

Birds Coast When They Can

There’s a beautiful phrase that I hold gently in my hands, that I’ve adopted as one of my mottos for living.

“Birds coast when they can”.

Every time I say it out loud to myself, I’m met with the glorious vision of a bird in flight, that proves these words to be true.

Birds coast where they can is a reminder to let yourself be supported.

A reminder to look for opportunities for ease, and where you, yourself, may be complicating things in a way that isn’t necessary. Doing too much for what is required.

Where are the opportunities for you to coast?

How can you allow yourself to be carried?

And what are all the ways you argue against allowing this to be the case?

xx Jane

Chattering With Kathy Price: Evolution, Intention & The Planless Plan

Peeps, I’m back with one of my favourite humans, the most loveliest Kathy Price!

Kathy and I are teaching a workshop together this weekend, and in our pre-workshop prep decided we could scoop the cream off the top of our conversation and sit down and chatter with you on the podcast.

Over the course of our meandering conversation, we talk about:

  • The evolution of our work and business
  • The principles that we follow that inform our life and work
  • The application of energy and intention to our decision making processes

We hope you enjoy it!

If you want to join us for our workshop, you can sign up here.

And if you want to get in touch with Kathy, you can find her here.

Happy listening!

❤️ Jane (and Kathy!)


Discussing Movement Patterns & Pathways (& Why They Should Interest You)

The possibilities for your horse to move functionally and in a way that promotes health and wellness exist only within the range that he is balanced; our job as riders, then, is not only to facilitate balance in them in order that they can carry us without compromising themselves, and to ensure that our balance point matches theirs.

The area of study that I’ve involved myself in is really interested in the movement of the fascial trains and the path of movement that the body follows when it is in the parasympathetic, or not in fight flight. The key element that we pay attention to is the movement of the centreline and the arc that the centreline follows to produce healthy movement patterns.

In this episode, we discuss movement patterns and their relationship to the nervous system: how your nervous system manifests in movement, why understanding movement pathways is important and how we can use that knowledge to create ways of moving and riding that optimise harmony and health, physically, mentally & emotionally.

I hope you enjoy it! If you want to learn and explore more, we expand on these understandings in my membership program JoyRide. You can learn more by visiting here.


❤️ Jane

The Omen Days (and back with Season 3!)

Beautiful people, it’s been a hot minute since we were last on the podcast airwaves. I’m super excited to be back for Season 3, and to share with you all the thoughts, musings and conversations that are swirling round my brainspace.

Before we get into that though…

At this time of year, it can be really easy to fall into “achievement energy”; the feeling that we have to set our resolutions, refine our goals and have things sorted out for the new year. The conversation I want to have with you today is an invitation to, well, not do that.

And the framework I want to offer in its place is one I stumbled upon recently and have been practicing in the moments since.

Omen Days are an ancient Celtic tradition that were practiced in the 12 days from the 26th December to the 6th January. They rest on the foundation of bearing witness, and of deep noticing. Of the land, the animals we share it with and the greater world around us.

In this podcast, we discuss the nature of Omen Days and how we can use it as a reminder to slow down, observe and begin the new year from a place of enoughness.

I hope you enjoy it!

Much love,

❤️ Jane