Finding What’s Important To You
& What You Can Let Go Of

In this workshop, we explore how awareness and understanding of energy and lightness of being can lead to creativity, curiosity and enhanced intuition. In place of the traditional goal setting or new years resolution models, we look at practices and processes that allow you to tune into yourself, increase your self-trust and give you the courage to follow what feels good.

Together we’ll look at...


  • How to let go of generic practices of goal setting that create the endless round of not good enough thoughts and experiences, creating a way forward that feels energising and revitalising

  • Practical explorations of energy and how your current energy state can help or hinder your way forward (and what to do about it!)

  • Balancing the practical and the aspirational: Figuring out what the next right step is for you

  • How to let go of repeating patterns of behaviour that keep you stuck in one spot

This workshop is for you if...

  • You’re interested in developing awareness and understanding of energy, and how your energy influences your intentions, actions & wellbeing

  • You’re interested in exploring ways forward outside of the traditional goal setting models

  • You feel stuck or not quite right with how things are currently (or feel they could use a tweak!)

  • Want some inspiration and guidance for the new year that’s creative, sustainable and intuitive

Here's how we're going to roll...

Stepping Into Lightness a pre-recorded workshop based on the live round held in January 2024.

Purchasing the workshop will give you access to the full access to the recorded workshop.

Session One is 1 hour 30 mins.

Session Two is 2 hours 20 mins.

Within each session, there are practical exercises and discussions, so nestle in with a pen and paper ready to do some adventuring! 

Cost: $175 USD 

The Nuts & Bolts

Your pass to Stepping Into Lightness includes:

✔️Full, lifetime access to both recorded sessions

✔️ Access to Stepping Into Lightness private podcast feed

Who we are...

Kathy Price

Kathy’s work, world and life is all about energy and connection.

She comes from a scientific background gaining a BSc (Hons) degree in Zoology and her outlook was always from the scientific point of view.

That was until in 2003 when with her horse Midnight she went to a horsemanship clinic. For her this clinic was the moment of transformation, a spiritual experience that changed her

Now 20 years on, after extensive study into energy, quantum physics, healing, spirituality and training in several energetic modalities, Kathy is well-established in her work which she calls Point of Balance.

Through this purely energetic work she acts as a facilitator to the person or animal she is working with to help them move back into balance at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This act of balancing not only helps them to heal themselves, but also helps them realise their unique power and potential.

Kathy knows categorically that is the horse that has not only led her to the wonderful people around her today, but also continues to lead her into deeper and deeper insights of the fundamental aspects of this World and indeed The Universe …… everything is energy and everything is connected.

Kathy’s work includes carrying out sessions in person and at distance with both people and animals, and she feels blessed and grateful to have clients both people and animals, all over the world.

Jane Pike

Jane’s work explores how it is we access and bring forward our innate vitality, through our relationship to ourselves, each other and the natural world. She draws constant inspiration from the creative arts and poetry, her relationships with the animals in her life, and the many allies she finds on her daily walks and rides through the forest on her farm.

She currently calls the South Island of New Zealand/ Aotearoa home, finding solace and support from raw beauty of the landscape that surrounds her.

Jane has travelled extensively, including working as an aid worker throughout the middle east and Indian subcontinent in her 20’s, and combines her personal experiences in the world with her creative interests and expertise in movement, biomechanics and the nervous system to create experiences that are moving, enriching and transformational.