Mindset Mentor. Strategy maker. Person in your corner (and your horses..)

Hi, I’m Jane, Equestrian Mindset Coach.

My super power is giving you the skills you need to ride with confidence, and the mental fitness to be focused, on form and in the zone for competition.

Riding anxiety and fear holding you back? Looking to get your head in the right space to do what you want to do with your riding? Recharge your mojo? Nail that competition?

Best be grabbing your boots then cos this stuff is exactly my bag.

Jane Pike’s coaching experience is immeasurable; a gift on every level. She is inspiring, smart, generous and her energy is boundless. I believe that she could encourage the most pessimistic of riders to ride towards the light and the most jaded of equestrians to reclaim their dreams. If you are feeling isolated, unfit, deflated, unclear, or just want to take a leap to the next stage in your riding, working with Jane will be life changing.

Jade Salpietro

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