Nervous System Support
For Equestrians
Through Mindset, Movement
Education + Biomechanics

Hi, I’m Jane!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet 🌷

As you’re here with me now, you’re probably interested in learning more about what I do, and truth be told, I find it hard to boil it down to a few, short  sentences (I’m more of the wordy type!). 

At its essence though, I work with riders like yourself who are passionate about their horses and want to create joyful, willing partnerships together.

My work explores physical and emotional patterns at their most foundational level- the brain and the nervous system-  with the aim of creating adaptability and responsiveness, both in and out of the saddle. 

For people like us, horses are the lens we see the world through. They give us the opportunity to meet the part of ourselves that we perhaps wish to transform or change, to find ways of creating greater poise and ease in our body, and remind us about the

part of ourselves that is connected to something bigger; each other, the landscape around us and the universe at large.

 What could be better really?

Why should you be interested in understanding & working with your nervous system?

For so many reasons!

Many of the struggles we face come from being “stuck” in fight-flight mode (otherwise known as our sympathetic nervous system).

How we show up in life and for our horses then becomes a reflection of where our nervous system is sitting. We can be tense and defensive (fight mode), anxious and reactive (flight mode), unmotivated and stuck (freeze) or simply lacking the energy to show up at all (collapse).

What’s more, how our body moves and how physically responsive we are able to be as riders is also a product of our nervous system state. Without changing the underlying neurological patterning, finding mental and physical harmony with our horses is always going to feel like an uphill battle. 

I help you understand more about your body and mind so you can find a way of living and riding that promotes vitality, responsiveness, and well being for both you and your horse.

We were so fortunate to have Jane Pike along for the whole World Equestrian Games journey. Her help leading up to the competition was an invaluable part of our mental preparation, and I have never been as relaxed showing a horse in my entire life. She’s also one of the coolest people I’ve ever met, and having her supportive vibe around was a huge part of our success at WEG. Her depth of knowledge on the subject of confidence to help anyone of any level is truly amazing.
Warwick Schiller
Horse Trainer,
2018 WEG Competitor for Team Australia
Jane Pike’s coaching experience is immeasurable; a gift on every level. She is inspiring, smart, generous and her energy is boundless. I believe that she could encourage the most pessimistic of riders to ride towards the light and the most jaded of equestrians to reclaim their dreams. If you are feeling isolated, unfit, deflated, unclear, or just want to take a leap to the next stage in your riding, working with Jane will be life changing.
Jade Salpietro

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