A 12 month, gentle, poetic, and practical adventure in deep noticing, imagination, and appreciation.

A little while back, I wrote the following words:

Each day, at feeding time, I stand in the same spot with my horse, and I observe. I think of the great nature writers whose words fall on me like incantations; my favourites are not those who necessarily travelled widely, but who travelled deeply. Whose closeness to the area of earth they came to know intensified rather than limited their vision.

I look at the same patch of gums each day and each day they are different and the same. I play with looking directly at them, and then looking at the spaces around them. I want to see them better somehow, I want to see everything better, even though I don’t know exactly what that means.

 I stroke and murmur to my horse in between.

The sound of the Tuis, a native New Zealand bird, punctuates the background. Their song starts and then, a gap before the notes pick back up. I learned recently that there actually is no gap. That the notes just reach a pitch that the human ear is unable to hear; that the song is actually continuous.

 I marvel at this. I wonder what else I am missing, without even knowing it.

All this time, the Tuis have been singing their secrets around me. To hear them, I resolve, I need to listen with my full body.To catch the notes my ears aren’t designed to hold.

Interwoven is me taking this desire and setting it in action.

An invitation to develop a deeper sense of where you find yourself right now. Your place, the land that owns you, even if you find yourself in the middle of a transition. Urban, rural, farm or backyard.

A call to more expansive attention. To understand the signs and signals that are offered forward to us every day.

To understand the signs and signals that are offered forward to us every day. Through weather, intuition, the way the trees lean this way or that. The clues offered by the way the animals you share your life with orient themselves or behave.

To practice listening to the land, with the intention of hearing back.

Delighting in learning what different cloud configurations mean, understanding more about the systems at play around you. Ecological. Neurological. Communal.

Exploring and learning about what’s collectible, what’s edible, the ground beneath your feet.

Looking up so we’re aware, understanding of the cycles of the moon, the anatomy of the stars and how they guide us.

Our experience of the darkness and the light.

To discern, know, name the native trees and animals of our area and those that found their way.

To carve small pockets space into our lives to develop our awareness, to develop an ecology of care. To move and be in the world outside the house, the office or our desk.

We will notice. We will become more aware. We will cultivate a more rooted sense of belonging.

And should it be what we desire, we will share in our adventures, speak of them with each other and if we’re moved to, write them down.

How will Interwoven work?

Interwoven is a 12 month journey for paid subscribers of Another Beautiful Question (a website dedicated to my writing), delivered via Substack and on Zoom with me, Jane Pike.

It’s $10 USD a month or $100 USD for the full year.

Interwoven is a gentle, poetic & practical adventure in deep noticing, imagination and appreciation. Explorations of nature and a life lived in relationship.

The journey will unfold in five time chapters of around six weeks each.

Each chapter include a live workshop (recorded for those who can’t attend or who wish to revisit), weekly emails and prompts dedicated to specific themes, and private chat threads.

The course will land in your inbox on the Friday of each week.

I will share with you my own explorations and contemplations offering you questions for your own adventures. In this way, I hope that what I offer serves as a guidepost and a lantern, something to help light the path as your own feet map the way.

This is an intimate, shared journey in reclaiming, remembering and rewilding our relationship with the natural world.

If you are a paid subscriber to my Substack already (thank you!) you are automatically included. If not, and you want to be a part of Interwoven, you can upgrade for $10USD a month, or $100 USD for the year here

Some examples of concepts we'll be exploring

Ceremony: What is the role of ritual? What does it mean to consider something sacred? What is our relationship to routine, to repetition, the mundane? What does it mean to shed our skin? What’s our understanding of enchantment, the experience of wonder?

Overland: How much do we pay attention to the land that we inhabit? What are the creatures that we share it with? The plants, their roles and names? Do we walk the landscape, above it, within it, as a part of it? What is our role as custodians of the land? How do we create an ecology of care?

Underland: How far does our awareness extend into the ground below our feet? What is our sense of groundedness, of rootedness? Do we have an appreciation, an understanding of the micro worlds of the mycelial? Our relationship to life and death, to compost, our sense of returning to the soil and the land?

The Sensual: What is our sense of self within and beyond the edges of our skin? Are we thinking or feeling our way through the world? How can we tune into, be more led by the sensual?

The Seasonal: How aware are we of cycles? The cycles within ourselves, within our days, weeks and months? The cycles of our domestic and wild animal friends? Do we find ourselves flowing with the seasons or against them? With the weather?


We begin

Our Interwoven adventure will begin at the end of March, 2024. Every week (and sometimes more than once), a contemplation and a prompt for your own adventure will land directly in your inbox, along with invitations for weekly threads and conversation with your fellow Interwoven friends.

Each chapter block will have it’s own dedicated workshop designed that you are invited to attend, each with a focus on something different.

29th March—May 15th 2024

June 1st—July 15th 2024

September 1st—October 15th 2024

November 1st—December 15th 2024

Feb 1st – March 15th 2025

You can choose to do it with me at the pace that it’s delivered, or make your way through it as a time and speed that is your own.

My hope is that you will make it your own.


When should I join?

Now! Everyone who joins from this moment on will receive access to Interwoven for the full year of the course.

Got Questions?

I’m here for them! You can email me jane@janepike.com 🌿

I would love to have you join me.