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Camp Of The South with Kate Sandel & Jane Pike

Date: June 30th- July 2nd

Venue: TBC (South or South-West)

This clinic will include group sessions for riders and auditors with plenty of opportunity for discussion.

10 rider spaces £675 for 3 days.
Spectators – £45 per day

Kate Sandel runs a thriving equine business and teaches in the UK and internationally. She trained for several years with Philippe Karl, French classical master and founder of the Ecole de Légèreté, as well as honing her horsemanship skills with a variety of incredible teachers.

She is also a qualified equine sports massage therapist and her background in mental health means she values the wellbeing of both the human and horse in a riding partnership.

She also recently released her book Riding In Release: A Practical Guide To French Classical Equitation & Horsemanship that is well worth having in your library!

Jane Pike is a nervous system coach who uses movement based practices to support riders. Her approach helps us to develop nervous systems which are responsive and adaptable, rather than reflexive and reactive. By paying attention to our movement and bodies, we can change our mindset and thinking. She is internationally renowned, and has featured numerous times on Warwick Schiller’s Journey on Podcast and was a key speaker at the recent Journey on Summit.

Together, Jane andKate  will support horse and rider partnerships to develop better dynamic balance, and ease of movement and connection by bringing together Jane’s approaches to rider training, with Kates knowledge of French classical training and good horsemanship, We can support both of you in a unique and synchronous manner, which for us personally has been life changing. Our bodies may keep the score, but they also have the answers!