I help you understand more about your body and mind so you can find a way of living and riding that promotes vitality, responsiveness, and well being for both you and your horse.

Most of us have a basic understanding on the nervous system. We’ve heard of the term “fight/flight” for instance, and perhaps can even identify how some of our behaviours and responses might arise as a result of operating from that place. 

Few of us, however, truly understand just how foundational the nervous system is when it comes to not only emotional and mental wellbeing, but also physical resilience and capacity.

As we move out of the parasympathetic, or the calming nervous system, and into the survival nervous system (you might better know this as the fight/flight system), not only do we experience behavioural changes but the whole structure of our body moves and positions itself differently.

Our nervous system state informs both our mindset (our emotional and mental wellbeing) and our movement; the way that our body is positioned, and the way we physically move through space.

Shifting out of stuck patterns in any of these areas means we also need to change the way our body is moving and understand how our choices, language and perceptions are impacting our experience and reality.

My approach is founded on understandings of the mind and emotional brain, movement education, and biomechanics in conjunction with nervous system awareness.

It assists not only with emotional resilience and confidence but with creating optimal rider biomechanics for ease and balance in the saddle.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I joined Jane's program. To be honest the word "confident" gave me a twitch. I was confident with horses but my body was starting to let me down in ways that had me frustrated and confused. After hearing Jane's presentation and Q&A at the Journey On Podcast Summit, I knew that whatever fuelled the soul of Jane, I wanted some of that! Through Jane, I am learning that I am not broken. There is nothing to fix or be righted. My body has a voice to be observed and honored. I am empowered that thru the movement sessions I can learn who I am from the inside out. I can aid my own healing. 1/2 steps on somedays, leaps and bounds on others. I am not broken but there were pieces missing. Jane,the JoyRide program and the beautiful community she has crafted are helping me find and bring them home. I will forever be grateful.
- Brigid Barbacovi Piccaro
JoyRide Member

A lifelong horse lover and equestrian, Jane’s work has been focused on practices and understandings that promote and increase vitality for both humans and horses.

A desire to understand the deeper workings of the body and mind have led her to comprehensive studies of the nervous system and its relationship to movement and emotions, and she is currently an advanced student and apprentice of the Fajardo Method of Holistic Biomechanics, a movement practice and system that considers biomechanics and wellness through a nervous system lens.

With a background in behavioural science, motor repatterning, and movement education, Jane has worked with both competitive and recreational horse riders all over the world, inspiring them to new levels of confidence, connection and performance.


An accomplished rider and trainer in her own right, Jane is also an enthusiastic writer and creative, weaving in philosophy, the arts and poetry wherever possible in her work. 

Jane is also a:

  • US and NZ Board Approved Coach
  • Registered NLP Coach and Practitioner
  • Yoga Therapist 
  • Trauma Informed Movement Coach 
  • Certified Master of Hypnotherapy 
  • Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator 
  • Mind Coach on the Ask The Experts Panel for NZ Horse & Pony Magazine. Jane’s articles and writing have been featured internationally, in Horse and Pony, NZ Dressage Bulletin, Your Horse, NRHA Reiner Magazine, and Horse Magazine to name a few
  • Performance coach for Robyn and Warwick Schiller for the Team Australia Reining Team at the 2018 World Equestrian Games
  • Host of the Confident Rider Podcast
The JoyRide program has been that missing piece that I have been searching for …. for decades. Jane’s programs, podcasts, videos and support have provided me with immeasurable joy in the saddle and in my life. Her movement videos are the key to getting back into my body and out of my mind’s incessant unproductive ruminations. I highly recommend to everyone, to listen to the podcasts, get curious, sign up for the JoyRide program and then participate in making the changes to restore the vitality, remove the fear and grab every ounce of joy in this life!
Linda Klarner
JoyRide Member

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