I help you understand more about your body and mind so you can find a way of living and riding that promotes vitality, responsiveness, and well being for both you and your horse.

I was chattering in my membership program the other day when something slipped out of my mouth that surprised me.

I mean, I’d rather not talk about the nervous system” I said. “There are other things I’d rather have fill up our conversations”.

I stopped for a moment to consider my own words, 

I realized it was true. I’m interested in the nervous system, no doubt. I could chew your ear off talking about it all day. But I’m interested in it because I recognize it as a necessary area of attention, a portal to many other things that interest me much more. 

The nervous system is the door to Narnia for sure. But I’m not paying attention to it just to know the door. I want to step through it, adventure on the other side.

I want to be in the world in a way that is vital and creative.

I want to gleefully ride and play with my horses in a way that allows my body and mind to show up to the best of its ability.

I want to write poetry and craft words together as little pockets of attempted, experimental beauty.

I want to be able to take notice. To move amongst the world in a way that makes me appreciate, drink in the landscape around me.

I want my intuition intact.

I want to trust myself.

I want to be an activist.

I want to take care of those I love, and those I am yet to, with the full extent of my being.

And I know, for all of those things to be possible, I have to take care of some basic human-being-that-is-an-animal-body housekeeping that modern life demands of me, lest I get stuck in a place where I’m fighting my own reflexes and not much more.

And if that means learning everything I can about the nervous system, movement and the necessity for both (and what’s more passing that information on) then I will do that. I’ve immersed myself in nervous system knowledge (and devoted myself to sharing it) not as the end point, but the start.

I’d love to share in that adventure with you too.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I joined Jane's program. To be honest the word "confident" gave me a twitch. I was confident with horses but my body was starting to let me down in ways that had me frustrated and confused. After hearing Jane's presentation and Q&A at the Journey On Podcast Summit, I knew that whatever fuelled the soul of Jane, I wanted some of that! Through Jane, I am learning that I am not broken. There is nothing to fix or be righted. My body has a voice to be observed and honored. I am empowered that thru the movement sessions I can learn who I am from the inside out. I can aid my own healing. 1/2 steps on somedays, leaps and bounds on others. I am not broken but there were pieces missing. Jane,the JoyRide program and the beautiful community she has crafted are helping me find and bring them home. I will forever be grateful.
- Brigid Barbacovi Piccaro
JoyRide Member

If it’s the nervous system you are interested in; if you have challenges you’re looking to overcome (either in the saddle or out of it); if you’re interested in movement education and functional biomechanics; you want to look at your mindset as it relates to horses and riding— then JoyRide is for you. You can check that out here.

I’m also a passionate writer and poet. I hold the belief (with the science to back it up) that creative expression is not only important for our wellbeing; it’s essential. If you are keen to explore poetry and the arts, and the gifts they share to enhance life and horsemanship, then jump over here and check it out.

A lifelong horse lover and equestrian, Jane’s work has been focused on practices and understandings that promote and increase vitality for both humans and horses.

A desire to understand the deeper workings of the body and mind have led her to comprehensive studies of the nervous system and its relationship to movement and emotions. She is currently a student and apprentice of the Fajardo Method of Holistic Biomechanics, a movement practice and system that considers biomechanics and wellness through a nervous system lens.

Jane has worked with both competitive and recreational horse riders all over the world, inspiring them to new levels of confidence, connection and performance.

An accomplished rider and trainer in her own right, Jane is also a writer and poet, weaving in philosophy, the arts and poetry wherever possible in her work. You can read some of her writing and poetry work here.

Jane is also a:

  • US and NZ Board Approved Coach
  • Registered NLP Coach and Practitioner
  • Yoga Therapist 
  • Trauma Informed Movement Coach 
  • Certified Master of Hypnotherapy 
  • Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator 
  • Mind Coach on the Ask The Experts Panel for NZ Horse & Pony Magazine. Jane’s articles and writing have been featured internationally, in Horse and Pony, NZ Dressage Bulletin, Your Horse, NRHA Reiner Magazine, and Horse Magazine to name a few
  • Performance coach for Robyn and Warwick Schiller for the Team Australia Reining Team at the 2018 World Equestrian Games
  • Host of the Confident Rider Podcast
The JoyRide program has been that missing piece that I have been searching for …. for decades. Jane’s programs, podcasts, videos and support have provided me with immeasurable joy in the saddle and in my life. Her movement videos are the key to getting back into my body and out of my mind’s incessant unproductive ruminations. I highly recommend to everyone, to listen to the podcasts, get curious, sign up for the JoyRide program and then participate in making the changes to restore the vitality, remove the fear and grab every ounce of joy in this life!
Linda Klarner
JoyRide Member

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