I work with riders to change their nervous system patterning from reflexive and reactive to adaptable and responsive. 

Most of us have a rudimentary understanding on the nervous system. We’ve heard of the term “fight/flight” for instance, and perhaps can even identify how some of our behaviours and responses might arise as a result of operating from that place. 

Few of us, however, truly understand just how foundational the nervous system is when it comes to not only emotional and mental wellbeing, but also physical resilience and capacity.

As we move out of the parasympathetic, or the calming nervous system, and into the survival nervous system (you might better know this as the fight/flight system), not only do we experience behavioural changes but we also adopt one of several reflex motor patterns, depending on where our nervous system is sitting.

This means, in order to shift our nervous system we need to not only pay attention to our mindset- we also need to pay attention to our movement. 

Without changing our reflexive, sympathetic motor patterning we can find ourselves triggering our fight flight nervous system even when the circumstances don’t call for it. 


Changing our dominant patterning on a nervous system level means we need to pay attention to a couple of key areas; our motor patterning (to shift our movement patterns out of survival mode) and our mindset (by understanding the role the emotional brain plays in our experience).

My approach is founded on understandings of the mind and emotional brain, movement education, and biomechanics in conjunction with nervous system awareness.

It assists not only with emotional resilience and confidence but with creating optimal rider biomechanics for ease and balance in the saddle.

With a background in behavioural science, motor repatterning, and movement education, Jane has worked with both competitive and recreational horse riders all over the world, inspiring them to new levels of confidence, connection and performance.

Her approach combines mindset, movement and holistic biomechanics with a specific focus on nervous system awareness and understanding.

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