Harness The Power Of Your Body & Mind to Create The Riding Life You Dream About

A grounded, real-world understanding of your nervous system and how it’s affecting you, both on the ground and in the saddle.

Practical tools and resources to increase your capacity with your horse regardless of skill level or aspiration

Mind and body Practices & next Level support for better riding and better living

Are you stuck in a pattern that you can’t seem to shift, no matter how hard you try or how much you think about it?

Are you over being anxious, worried, frustrated or afraid when it comes to riding or working with your horse?

Feel like people really don’t get it when they tell you just to get on with it?

Sick and tired of things feeling like ground hog day when it comes to your riding?

Have no idea where to start when it comes to getting your head in the right space to do what you love with your horse?

Ready to move beyond just “managing” anxiety, fear & frustration and increase your capacity to deal with big emotions + big experiences with your horse?

Let’s replace worry & concern with…

✔️ The knowledge & skills that will allow you to stay creative, resourceful and switched on when you are working together with your horse (and avoid situations where you freeze up, get overwhelmed, or feel anxious or frustrated).

✔️ Hands-on help and support to get you unstuck, trouble-shoot challenges and provide a clear way forward

✔️ Understanding and skills that allow you to find your calm, maintain your centre and reprogram habitual and reflexive responses so you can get out there and do what you dream of doing with your horse

✔️ Being part of a supportive community of riders who have your back and are with you every step of the way

Learn how to hold your centre, maintain your cool, and ride and train creatively, compassionately and resourcefully, even in the midst of pressure or unease.


JoyRide is a unique, rider focused program that provides a body-based approach to developing resilience, courage and optimal wellness.

 My approach is founded on understandings of the mind and emotional brain, movement education, and biomechanics in conjunction with nervous system awareness.

Over the past ten years, I’ve guided literally thousands of riders through the processes I teach and am constantly blown away by the results. What you will experience as a member is a comprehensive offering of skills and understandings that I myself have found comfort, transformation, understanding and solace in. And I’m on hand to support you every step of the way.

My work is evidence-based, trauma-informed and will allow you to approach life and riding with a renewed sense of compassion, dignity and integrity. 



✔️ A grounded, real-world understanding of your nervous system and how it’s affecting you, both on the ground and in the saddle.

✔️ Practical tools and resources to increase your capacity with your horse regardless of skill level or aspiration

✔️ Mind and body Practices & next Level support for better riding and better living

JoyRide is my online membership program for riders looking to develop expressive, meaningful and dynamic relationships with their horses. The approach combines mindful movement, mindset and trauma-informed, nervous system understanding that expands our capacity to be regulated and responsive riders and horsepeople.

It’s is an adventure in developing presence + emotional intelligence- in working with the wisdom of the body and the mind, not against it.

You will not regret joining this amazing programme! The skills you learn are life changing and relate not just to horses but all aspects of your life. Jane’s passion is inspiring and having her always there to support and guide you is invaluable.
Nicki Klevering
JoyRide Member
I can’t recommend this program highly enough. It saved me from giving up my horses as well as helped me with competition nerves as well as helped me deal with some work issues as well. It’s money very well spent in my opinion.
Robin Nichols
JoyRide Member

JoyRide is just $49 USD per month.

What do you get for that?


This is a comprehensive library of video tutorials, guided audios, and workbooks that take you step by step through the process to increase your capacity to deal with big energies, experiences and emotions with your horse. You have instant access to all 5 Pathways once you sign up! The content is there for you to work through at your own pace and you can get hands on help and support from me via the group and live sessions,


Get the answers to your question, reach out for support, brainstorm your challenges and get unstuck.

Don’t waste time and energy going round in circles trapped inside your own head. Let me know what’s up, I’ll answer your questions & we’ll get things moving in the right direction.

Can’t make it live? No problem! Everything is recorded for you to catch up with when it suits you.

✔️ Member’s Only Podcast

Access to the Stable Hours Podcast, a weekly member’s only podcast that allows you to listen to our live Q&A sessions on the go! 

✔️  Monthly Live Movement & Embodiment Practices 

Get out of your head and into your body (the best place to be for your horse!). We incorporate anything from body-based, somatic practices, creative practices, psychology, movement, and mindfulness within these sessions. Whatever is inspiring me in the moment I bring to our time together here.


All the dedicated support you need. You can’t underestimate the value of being surrounded by “your people”. A supportive crew that have your back and rally the forces when need be (which these guys do) is a total godsend. It’s something that I hear comments about all the time from JoyRide Members. 


That would be me… This is not an online membership where you are left to your own devices. I really believe that the amount of success that we’ve had in JoyRide is as much about support as it is the content itself. You are free to ask me questions at any time in the Facebook group. I’m all in when it comes to helping you. If you get stuck or need a hand, you only have to ask.

Monthly Subscription
$49 USD per month

6 Month Subscription
$259 USD (SAVE $35 USD)

12 Month Subscription
$499 USD (SAVE $89 USD)

JoyRide is for you if you…

…suffer from the “I’m not good enough” thoughts

… feel as though your goals and dreams are out of your reach or totally unrealistic

…feelings of stuck-ness, shutdown or thinking you’ve reached a plateau in your current results or abilities

… fear, anxiety (including competition or performance anxiety) and self-doubt

… find yourself dealing with procrastination, lack of motivation or overwhelm

… a feeling of desperation that things aren’t going to change and maybe this is your lot 

… feeling frustrated (and angry even)- with yourself, your horse or both

… feeling stressed, worried or over it already

… want to be a resilient, embodied rider

JoyRide is a transformational program. The more you put in the more you take away. The beauty of it is it’s in your time. I came into this program after a 43 year hiatus from riding. The personal growth I have achieved has been terrific – not just in my riding aspirations but other areas of my life. This really is a program for all equestrians irrespective of abilities. Jane can steer you where you need to go. Saddle up and sign on now!! Tally ho!
Lyn Roser
JoyRide Member
JoyRide is the best subscription I’ve ever had. The mental growth I’ve achieved in both my riding and personal life has been amazing. Jane and all the people on JoyRide are so supportive and understanding it’s more like a family. You can’t go wrong by subscribing.

Sue-Ellen Michetti
JoyRide Member

I’ll show you how to hold your centre to ride and train creatively, compassionately and resourcefully, even in the midst of pressure or concern.

Hi! I’m Jane and I’ve spent the last decade working with riders successfully helping them improve their confidence, overcome fear and anxiety and get their head and heart in the right space to do what they love with their horses.

Creating a fulfilling and mutually enjoyable partnership requires that we are integrated, emotionally connected and in charge of ourselves. That’s where the gold is.

JoyRide is uniquely rider-focused, allowing us to develop the mental and emotional skills we need to create a wholehearted and fulfilling relationship with our horses, no matter what we want to do together.


No! JoyRide is for you no matter what your skill level or experience, regardless of your discipline or interest, and for competitors and non-competitors alike. No matter what “sort” of rider you consider yourself to be, you will be welcomed, embraced and supported through this process.

JoyRide is entirely self-paced, and there is certainly no expectation from my end about where you should be up to when. Much of the work is applied and experiential; it’s a way of going about life and riding rather than something you do separate to life and riding.

If you can find 20-30 minutes a week to go through the material and apply the learnings, you will progress and benefit.

In addition, any live sessions we do are recorded and available for you when you are able to get to them.

No! We have JoyRide members from literally all over the world. The content is all online, so as long as you have an internet connection, you are good to go!

All live sessions are recorded and available for you later, so if for some reason life or time differences don’t allow you to attend in the moment, you can watch them when you are ready and able!

The material is a combination of videos, audios, worksheets and workbooks. You can watch and listen to the videos on the member’s site and download any printed material (or save them and fill them in on your computer or laptop, they are fillable online too).

Plus, if you have questions, are unsure about something or need help, you only have to shout out and I’ll do my best to help you.

When you sign up, you are free to cancel at any time. Please note, I don’t refund payments for changes of mind (and will do my best to make sure you get the most out of it possible!).

Fear not! This is not an online program where you are left to your own devices and have to figure it out alone. As part of your membership, you have access to the member’s only Facebook group. I am super hands on there, so if you let me know what’s up, I will do my best to sort it out for you.

This question is more common than you would think, and the answer is no. The work will do together begins away from your horse and gets you to a place where you feel more confident and resilient to deal with what presents. If you are on an enforced break, are coming back from injury, don’t have your own horse or anything in between, you will still benefit from and be able to apply this work.

Mindful movement the way I teach it is ways of moving your body to bring you back into nervous system balance and regulation. It’s different to “exercise” as we might traditionally think of it; this is movement that allows us to process stresses and gently move us out of flight, fight, freeze or collapse states.

No problem, all questions are welcome. Just flick me an email at jane@confidentrider.online and I will get back to you ASAP.

Why incorporate movement Education into the process?

When we are outside our window of tolerance- the zone where we can think to ourselves, I’ve got this, I can handle this- we go into sympathetic activation (fight, flight or freeze mode). And when we are that place, we quite literally aren’t in touch with the part of our brain that allows for logical and analytical thought; the pre-frontal cortex is offline and we are purely in survival mode. 

Specific movement practices provide a way for us to resource ourselves to get back to a place where we feel like we can deal with what’s happening- to get back inside our window of tolerance-

and from there, we switch our brain back on and can move from place where more possibility is available to us. That is what increasing your capacity is; being able to hold energy and activation in your body to broaden the scope of what you can handle before we click out to place where we are only operating from the emergency part of our brain.

Why Join Now?

It’s an incredible blessing to be able to work with horses and have them in our lives, no matter what that looks like for us currently.

And one thing I know for sure:

If you’ve made it this far, horses are much more than a hobby or a sport to you- they are a way of life.

With that in mind, it’s hardly surprising that when we feel stuck, overwhelmed, or anxious about something so important to us, it can sometimes feel too much.

Get the understandings and skills you need, focus on the things that matter and enjoy a partnership with your horse that’s connected, fulfilling and mutually enjoyable.

Move beyond “managing” anxiety, fear & frustration.

Sign up and learn the tools to increase your capacity to deal with big emotions + big experiences with your horse. 

See you on the inside.

Monthly Subscription
$49 USD per month

6 Month Subscription
$259 USD (SAVE $35 USD)

12 Month Subscription
$499 USD (SAVE $89 USD)

Monthly Subscription
$49 USD per month

6 Month Subscription
$259 USD

12 Month Subscription
$499 USD

I had some fear after breaking my back and after losing my heart horse that was holding me back from being the best I knew I could be. I am constantly blown away at the content that Jane puts out, the obvious love and passion she shows for all of us in JoyRide. She genuinely wants to help see us all achieve our goals, and nothing is too big or small. My fear and frustration has gone and I have been able to forgive, accept and move forward from the loss of my horse and set some exciting new goals. I am constantly saying to my clients and anyone who will listen “have you heard of Jane Pike…you need to!”. Thank you Jane!
Ellie O'Brien
JoyRide Member
As a National-level competitor, I spend hours in the saddle perfecting my sport, but I felt like my riding was missing something. Mentally, I wasn’t prepared. Until experiencing this program, I didn’t realize my mindset was holding me back. JoyRide has truly been my “aha” moment, and it has been a valuable tool in taking my riding to the next level. I am tackling my limiting beliefs; setting attainable riding goals, and creating detailed strategies to get me to the winner’s circle. I have found the missing link between the mental and physical aspect of riding.

Laura Rubin
JoyRide Member

Ready to join?

Step One: Hit the Join Up Button. You’ll be asked to create a username and password (which you’ll also use to log in to the member’s site). You can pay by PayPal or Credit Card.

Step Two: Check your email for your official welcome! That will give you your details to log in to the site, join the Facebook group and get started with the pathways. It’s really simple and user friendly.

Having a partnership with our horse where you are both happy and purposeful in what we’re doing requires us to be integrated, emotionally connected and in charge of ourselves. That’s where the gold is. This program will help you have that.
Noirin Taylor
JoyRide Member
The JoyRide programme is a real game changer. I cannot express the gratitude I feel to Jane and the tools, insight, guidance she provides. Everything about this program inspires hope and courage.
Pamela Eastmond
JoyRide Member
This is the single biggest difference I have ever made to my riding and my life. I’ve been a member since the start and I’m constantly finding ways to improve my mind and thoughts. I had a massive achievement recently and i would never have thought it possible when I started. Join up. Oh and something else, it’s a fantastic group of people with support and encouragement from the members and our ever present Jane (she’s pretty amazing!).
Patricia Frost
JoyRide Member