You are confident that you have what it takes to make it happen in your riding, and let’s face it, you’re having the time of your life. Riding is exactly what it should be; it’s your happy place! There’s nothing else you would rather be doing.

Well, that’s the plan anyway. Thing is, at the moment, it’s kind of not happening for you. You love your horse, you know what you want but you are getting in your own way. It’s so frustrating! You try to push past the self doubt and ignore the pesky voice inside your head telling tell you that maybe you don’t have what it takes after all.

Riding is your passion, your thing, but you don’t know how to break free of this self-limiting cycle and create the kind of riding life that you dream of.

And what’s more, it’s really getting in the way of all the things that you are wanting to do with your horse.

I believe this is the best opportunity to give ourselves the skills to achieve what we don’t believe is possible. If you want to give yourself a fighting chance of achieving your dreams try this program, and the amazing people that share the journey.

Kristy Hare

JoyRide Member

Everything that you see “over there”, in riders that seem confident, assured, joyful – those things are skills. They aren’t something that they were handed at birth but you missed out on. They are skills that those riders mastered, and you can master them too. You really DO get to choose what your riding life looks like, it’s just that you need a little bit of help to get there.

Which is where I come in. Everything you are experiencing, the worries, doubts and lack of self-belief, you aren’t the only one. I have worked with literally hundreds of riders, from those simply wanting to ride out on the trail, to professional competitors who have experienced the same challenges, anxieties, and crisis of confidence as you.

And after working with me, they don’t feel that way anymore.

Instead they have a toolbox of mental skills so that whatever comes up when they’re riding, they know they can handle it. They’re equipped to enjoy their riding life with confidence and enthusiasm. And you can have those skills too.

Please add me to the waitlist and let me know when JoyRide opens!

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Just when you think you are never going to make it, that it’s too hard, that you just don’t have the talent, stop! It’s not any of those reasons, it’s how you are thinking about it. Don’t roll your eyes or say yeah but I’m different to you. You are not. I was bottom, no self-confidence left, but worse, still very little joy in climbing into the saddle. Most times, when I got down, I felt like bawling. I was never going to get it, I just didn’t have “it”.

I found Jane by accident on Facebook, followed the general page for a few weeks and then contacted her. That’s when it started to change. When I started to change. Now I’m following JoyRide. and it’s making such a difference—I love riding again. I want to work at it. I am seeing the silver linings of every cloud, and the negative is regaining its true perspective. I worked on her advice and it works! It really, really works.

Patricia Frost

JoyRide Member

Want to take a look on the inside of the JoyRide Member’s Site?

Please add me to the waitlist and let me know when JoyRide opens!

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It’s a progressive journey of mojo building awesomeness that takes you through my unique confidence creating process that has transformed the riding experience of countless riders to date.

“I joined JoyRide because I loved everything Jane put out in to world for free – so I thought I’d be silly not to get in on the awesomeness that was awaiting inside!

I had some fear after breaking my back and after losing my 💖 horse that was holding me back from being the best I knew I could be.

I am constantly blown away at the content that Jane puts out, the obvious love and passion she shows for all of us in JoyRide. She genuinely wants to help see us all achieve our goals, and nothing is too big or small.

I love the support of the group and how safe it is to share and be transparent about my flaws or humble brags!

My fear and frustration has gone and I have been able to forgive, accept and move forward from the loss of my horse and set some exciting new goals.

I am constantly saying to my clients and anyone who will listen “have you heard of Jane Pike…you need to!”.

Thank you Jane!

Ellie O'Brien

Trainer, Finesse Equestrian

These are just some of the things we will cover (listing everything I have planned for you so far felt a bit much!)


The Mental Cleanse


+ Creating clarity and purpose;  Looking at your intrinsic drivers and examining your “why”

+ Removing those pesky limiting beliefs

+ Understanding your current story, how it holds you back and installing some identity upgrades

+ How not to care what other people think

+ Training the voice of the inner critic to be your BFF


Your Confident Framework


+ Learning the skills to manage your emotional state no matter what’s thrown at you

+ Managing your focus

+ Using your breath + body + self-talk to influence your emotions

+ Managing fear and anxiety

+ Keeping your mojo fully stocked with motivation + inspiration


The Inspired Strategy


+ The vision and the dream

+ Creating goals with soul

+ Creating a strategy + game plan to keep you unstuck and trotting permanently forwards!

What’s more, you will be a part of the exclusive JoyRide community where you can ask questions, get feedback, and be supported by myself and your fellow JoyRiders over the course of your journey. I know, right! Virtual high five!

Please add me to the waitlist and let me know when JoyRide opens!

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Why work with me?

I work with both recreational and competitive/ professional riders, giving them the skills and strategy they need to ride with confidence and produce the results that they dream of for their riding. I have helped literally hundreds of riders gain their riding freedom back by giving them the skills to increase confidence, banish self-doubt, and work with an effective strategy.

I am also a:

·      US and NZ Board Approved Coach

·      Certified Mental Skills Coach

·      Registered NLP Coach and Practitioner

·      Time Line Therapy Practitioner

·      Mind Coach on the Ask The Experts Panel for NZ Horse & Pony Magazine, regular contributor to e-Venting and as seen in Eventing Worldwide, Horse and Pony Magazine, NZ Dressage Bulletin and Horse Magazine UK.

Joining me for the JoyRide journey means you will have a qualified, experienced and passionate mental skills coach and mentor as part of your riding team.

As a National-level competitor, I spend hours in the saddle perfecting my sport, but I felt like my riding was missing something. Mentally, I wasn’t prepared. Until experiencing this program, I didn’t realize my mindset was holding me back. JoyRide has truly been my “aha” moment, and it has been a valuable tool in taking my riding to the next level. I am tackling my limiting beliefs; setting attainable riding goals, and creating detailed strategies to get me to the winner’s circle. I have found the missing link between the mental and physical aspect of riding.

I couldn’t have done this without Jane and my fellow JoyRiders. Jane’s personal attention to each of us and our needs is unparalleled. She is our number one cheerleader. Each of us come from different backgrounds, but we all share a commitment to our horses and a passion for riding. We come together to lift each other up and celebrate each other’s successes. This program has me refocused and energized to take my riding to the next level.

Laura M Rubin

JoyRide Member

Please add me to the waitlist and let me know when JoyRide opens!

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Where do I sign?


You can join the JoyRide for only $35 USD per month with no tie-ins. What do you get for that?

+ Weekly modules comprising video or audio tutorials (or both) as well as workbooks, sheets and action plans that will give you the skills to cultivate confidence, effectively manage your mindset and build mental strength for both in and out of the saddle.

+ Access to Facebook live training sessions; I’m live frequently in the group answering questions and helping with strategy

+ Access to me via the Facebook group; I’m very hands on answering questions and providing support. I have a no rider left behind policy and I stick to it. Your success and happiness is very important to me.

+ Bonus worksheets and JoyRide SOS modules, providing “acute” solutions for dealing with confidence issues, nerves and anxiety right now!

+ Live group training sessions

+ Coming soon! Access to “From Unridden to Competition” as I film my experiences starting my 3 year old Warmblood gelding; taking it out of the classroom and into the arena!


Me and my lovely horse, Morgen.

Not feeling good about your riding is a pretty crappy place to be. I know that you (like me) put heaps of time, effort, and money into this passion, and it should be bringing you joy, not hassle.

Stop floundering along. And save yourself from yet another pep talk about how you need to toughen up. It doesn’t work (if it did, it would have worked already!).

Please add me to the waitlist and let me know when JoyRide opens!

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JoyRide has made me smile again after I began doubting my ability as a rider. It’s rekindled the fire burning deep down inside me and is helping me to stamp out the fear that was once so strong.

It’s made me realise it’s ok to be me, taught me to believe in myself and given me so much more confidence with my horse riding. It’s helped not only with my riding, but in all aspects of my life.

Jane Pike is an unbelievably supportive, understanding and positive person and the whole JoyRide experience has been so very, very worth it. It’s an amazing programme and one I’d fully encourage people to join.

Sue-Ellen Michetti

JoyRide Member

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