Discussing Movement Patterns & Pathways (& Why They Should Interest You)

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The possibilities for your horse to move functionally and in a way that promotes health and wellness exist only within the range that he is balanced; our job as riders, then, is not only to facilitate balance in them in order that they can carry us without compromising themselves, and to ensure that our balance point matches theirs.

The area of study that I’ve involved myself in is really interested in the movement of the fascial trains and the path of movement that the body follows when it is in the parasympathetic, or not in fight flight. The key element that we pay attention to is the movement of the centreline and the arc that the centreline follows to produce healthy movement patterns.

In this episode, we discuss movement patterns and their relationship to the nervous system: how your nervous system manifests in movement, why understanding movement pathways is important and how we can use that knowledge to create ways of moving and riding that optimise harmony and health, physically, mentally & emotionally.

I hope you enjoy it! If you want to learn and explore more, we expand on these understandings in my membership program JoyRide. You can learn more by visiting here.


❤️ Jane

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