On Being Enough with Barbra Schulte

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Since the Western States Horse Expo, Barb and I have spent a lot of time chatting on zoom about life, horses, and the universe. Inevitably, there are many crossovers in our work; patterns and experiences we come across that inform how we approach things, beliefs and understandings that we witness either support people moving forward, or conversely, get in the way.

Our conversations on confidence led us back to a foundational piece— of being enough. This idea that ‘I am enough’ is a fundamental understanding to have and embody if we are to find ways of unpicking challenging situations, to take consistent action in support of what we love, and to rest in a place where we are able to advocate for ourselves and our horses.

And yet there is so much that gets in the way of us not only thinking that but believing in our own enough-ness.

We are so passionate about this conversation that shortly (next week!) we are holding a workshop with an additional mentoring option that we have called ‘On Being Enough: Exploring the Hearth Of Confidence with Horses & With Yourself’.

In this episode, we talk about what we mean when we say the word ‘confidence’ and how it is we go about developing a sense of ‘enough-ness’

I hope you enjoy it, you can tune in by searching the Confident Rider Podcast on your fave podcast app or via the link below.

xx Jane

You can learn more or sign up for our workshop here.

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