The Omen Days (and back with Season 3!)

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Beautiful people, it’s been a hot minute since we were last on the podcast airwaves. I’m super excited to be back for Season 3, and to share with you all the thoughts, musings and conversations that are swirling round my brainspace.

Before we get into that though…

At this time of year, it can be really easy to fall into “achievement energy”; the feeling that we have to set our resolutions, refine our goals and have things sorted out for the new year. The conversation I want to have with you today is an invitation to, well, not do that.

And the framework I want to offer in its place is one I stumbled upon recently and have been practicing in the moments since.

Omen Days are an ancient Celtic tradition that were practiced in the 12 days from the 26th December to the 6th January. They rest on the foundation of bearing witness, and of deep noticing. Of the land, the animals we share it with and the greater world around us.

In this podcast, we discuss the nature of Omen Days and how we can use it as a reminder to slow down, observe and begin the new year from a place of enoughness.

I hope you enjoy it!

Much love,

❤️ Jane

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