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Looking For The Change In Thought

Looking for the Change in Thought ~ A Facebook Live Discussion

Emotional Alchemy

Emotional Alchemy ~ Facebook Live Discussion

Congruency, Rapport & Resonance

I'm fine. Nothing. Don't worry about it. It's no big deal. I'm ok. It'll be all good. I'm musing. How often are you congruent in your daily life? How often do your words and feelings fail to match up? How often do you suppress, deny, invalidate, ignore gut...

On Letting The Emotions Move Through

This morning I felt the swirling of anger as I walked up towards the horses. It's not something that visits me often and it made me feel uncomfortable. Some things had happened over the last 24 hours that were outside of my control and influence and, I...

Mindfulness, Focus & Relaxation- A Conversation with Warwick Schiller

Want to learn more about Warwick, the work he does or his (truly) awesome subscription program? Of course you do- what a crazy question. Click here or below to be taken to where you need to be! Looking to be a part of an empowering community of...

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