On The Mystical & The Magical

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Our life, our body, our experience, our emotions are an intimate co-mingling with the world around us.

Wonder is our innate state.

Our lineage is one of beauty finding.

At our core, we reject shallow experience. We recognize we’re designed for a life that is sensuous, full, imaginative, and expansive.

You teach a lot about the body and the nervous system, Jane, what are your thoughts on the shamanic and the mystical, and its role in healing and wellness?

Well, to start the body is not separate from the mystical and the magical. In fact, it’s the very expression of it.

But beyond that, we have been sold a story that says the essence of who we are, our psyches, the body that we can touch with our hands, is separate to the landscape, the creatures, the wider world around us.

When in fact, we all spill over into, through and around each other. We do not exist, live, or heal in isolation. We breath individually and the collective also breathes us.

To partition ourselves of from the potential of wider sources of energy, wellbeing and vitality is much more than an individual error. It denies an interconnection that’s woven into the smallest cells of our being.

We may not always understand it. But to deny it only speaks to how we are facing the conversation; it does not cancel out the reality of its existence itself.


❤️ Jane

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