Emotion Is An Internal Experience, Not An External Expression

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Emotion is an internal experience, not an external expression.

That simple sentence has changed my life.

When a feeling state comes up that has the potential to stop me being useful, that prevents me being a person possible for my horse to partner with, I remind myself again:

Emotion is an internal experience, not an external expression.

I can feel frustrated…

I can feel concerned…

I can even feel cross…

… and not let that influence how I choose to pick up my reins or rope, the next action I take with my horse, or how I respond.

There is no behavior, no set of actions intrinsic to any emotional state.

Can I create patterns of reaction in response to what I feel? Absolutely.

But that does not change the reality that emotions, at their root, exist separately to action.

The greatest conscious power we have is our awareness and the ability to decide how we respond.


❤️ Jane

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