Exploring Movement Arcs {Video}

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Movement arcs are patterns of movement that the body follows when its moving in the parasympathetic nervous system.

They are based on the understanding that HOW the body moves is different between the fight flight and parasympathetic nervous system states. Differences that are observable. Differences that allow us to create new pathways of movement that assist in repatterning those that aren’t serving us, on both a physical and emotional level.

How do they help us?

Movement arcs are part of the foundational structure of what I teach when considering biomechanics from a nervous system perspective.

They allow us to:

  1. Work with Intention Maps- movement visualization processes that give the body clarity of the desired movement from Point A to Point B
  2. Work with the centreline, the organizing principle of the body that everything else orients itself around. The centreline is a literal line that runs up the centre of the body, formed by both the superficial front line and deep front line fascial trains.

When I understand the patterns of movement that the centreline takes, I can look to match and mirror the arcs of movement in my own body that are initiated by my horse in order for us to find harmony OR I can positively influence my horse’s movement patterns through how I, myself am moving.

In the trot, the horse’s centreline moves in a spiral pattern, similar to an infinity sign. Getting clarity on this movement pathway then allows me to create that movement within my own body in a way that allows us to sync together within the movement experience.

  1. Refine our understanding of movement as far as what is under our conscious control to work and act on, taking us out of patterns of micromanaging and over-control
  2. Movement Arcs also give us functional points of focus when we feel mental or emotional concern in the saddle. They allow us to pay attention to something tangible and actionable- the movement pathways- that is a big and useful part of being able to step out of ground hog day loops.

In JoyRide, we explore this movement work both on and off the horse, working with a variety of functional movement patterns that allow us to create harmonious experiences with our horses, both in and out of the saddle.

I’m more than happy to chatter about it, so if you have questions, please post them below!

You can learn more or come play with us in JoyRide here:


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