Want head and heart skills for a trusting, happy partnership?

You can have a riding life filled with clarity, purpose and confidence- and this program will help you have it. JoyRide is an online membership program for big-hearted riders looking to create a meaningful relationship with their horse. Get in charge of your thoughts, master your mindset and your emotions so you can get out there and do what you love together.

You will not regret joining this amazing programme! The skills you learn are life changing and relate not just to horses but all aspects of your life. Jane’s passion is inspiring and having her always there to support and guide you is invaluable.

Nicki Klevering

JoyRide Member

I can’t recommend this program highly enough. It saved me from giving up my horses as well as helped me with competition nerves as well as helped me deal with some work issues as well. It’s money very well spent in my opinion.

Robin Nichols

JoyRide Member

We both know that in order to do your horse justice, you have to be able to manage yourself. And not just physically- mentally and emotionally too.

Loving your horse and being a passionate, competent rider is a great start, but it’s no guarantee of a successful partnership. If you don’t have the heart and mind skills you need to be an effective and empathetic rider, you end up in a situation where your thoughts and feelings are controlling you- and not the other way around. And once that train leaves the station, all sorts of things start to happen…

…the “I’m not good enough” thoughts

… feeling as though your goals and dreams are totally unrealistic

…the feeling of stuck-ness or thinking you’ve reached a plateau in your current results or abilities

… fear, anxiety and self-doubt

… the aloneness, and the I’m-the-only-one-feeling-this-way thoughts (heads up, it’s not true. We ALL feel this way at times)

… a feeling of desperation that things aren’t going to change and maybe this is your lot 

… feeling frustrated- with yourself, your horse or both

… being over it already

I hear you! The thing is we aren’t trained for this stuff and yet we beat ourselves up when we fall short in practice.  What’s here isn’t the same as a riding lesson. The skills you’ll learn in JoyRide aren’t things you’ve picked up at school, or learned along the the way. And yet they’re as vital to you having a successful riding life as breathing air. Without them, you only get so far before you run out of puff.


Time to get the skills that create happy and successful humans + horses. 

Limited Time Offer: $20 USD for your first month (then $49 USD per month)

So what’s involved?

If you glance to the right (or down below if you’re on a mobile or tablet), that’s the homepage of JoyRide. The courses are grouped into “pathways”, and you make your way through step by step. Even if one jumps out at you, it’s best to do the first three in order.

Why? Well, they’re the foundational stuff. Here’s a brief summary of what’s in them.

+ The All In Pathway- Whole Hearted Practice

The All In Pathway is about what you can control, what you can commit to and what you can do consistently. It makes sure you’re taking care of the processes that allow for success. If you take care of the process, the results take care of themselves. The All in Pathway let’s you hook into your dream, your mission and how to bring them to life now. And if you aren’t sure what your dream is, don’t sweat it. I’ll help you figure it out.

That’s not the only reason it’s called All In. We don’t want to be totally in our heads about all this. Sure we are going to pay attention to the intellectual side of things, but also to the physical, the emotional and the intuitive. It’s all important.

+ The Aware Pathway- The Grounding Pathway

This is all about learning to recognise and process your emotions. The last thing we want is a situation where we’re suppressing how we feel or letting our feelings run riot.  That’s no good for anyone, least of all you and your horse. Acknowledging how you feel, grounding yourself, setting boundaries, processing emotions and managing your energy are what it means to be emotionally agile. You’ll learn how to do that here.

+ The Calm Pathway- Managing Anxiety

Worry, rumination, anxiety. Calm will empower you to understand what’s happening when you experience anxiety and most importantly what to do about it. There’s are two main reasons why anxiety kicks in; out of control thoughts, or emotional memories connected to bad experiences (like having an accident). We deal with both of them. You’ll know what to do and how to cope with anxiety in and out of the saddle after this.

+ You have access to the three foundation pathways when you join.  The Rise Pathway (Performance Under Pressure), Brave (Dealing with Fear) and Comeback (Returning from Injury) will added progressively over the next couple of months. As soon as they’re live, they’re all yours too.

+ The Empowered Pathway is the only one that takes a different format. Once you’ve been a member for 6 weeks, you slot onto this Pathway automatically. What does that mean? It means that at this point, a new lesson on the Empowered pathway opens up to you each week. Empowered is not as specific as the others in that there’s a lot of different topics it deals with; it’s all about creating mental strength, confidence and resilience and helping you maintain momentum along the way.

+ And if you’re wondering how all this is presented, it’s  a mix of video, audio and workbooks. You have full access to the content for as long as you are a member.

Limited Time Offer: $20 USD for your first month (then $49 USD per month)

JoyRide is a transformational program. The more you put in the more you take away. The beauty of it is it’s in your time. I came into this program after a 43 year hiatus from riding. The personal growth I have achieved has been terrific – not just in my riding aspirations but other areas of my life. This really is a program for all equestrians irrespective of abilities. Jane can steer you where you need to go. Saddle up and sign on now!! Tally ho!

Lyn Roser

JoyRide Member

JoyRide is the best subscription I’ve ever had. The mental growth I’ve achieved in both my riding and personal life has been amazing. Jane and all the people on JoyRide are so supportive and understanding it’s more like a family. You can’t go wrong by subscribing.

Sue-Ellen Michetti

JoyRide Member

JoyRide is $49 USD per month, and you can cancel at any time.

For a limited time, you can join for $20 USD for your first month (I would totally snaffle that up if I were you).

What do you get for that?

+ Skills! The pathways will get your mind and heart in the right space so you feel capable of doing what you need and want to do with your horse. You don’t need to “work anything out”. All the content is organised so you can pick what you want to get started with. It takes you through step by step (literally- it’s all organised into steps). When you sign up, you get all the pathways currently available, plus those about to be added.

If you want to have a good look at what that looks like, check the video below.

+ The Member’s only Facebook Group. This is huge. You can’t underestimate the value of being surrounded by “your people”. A supportive crew that have your back and rally the forces when need be (which these guys do) is a total godsend. It’s something that I hear comments about all the time from JoyRide Members.

+ Stable Hours! Stable Hours is our weekly live training session that I run in the Facebook group. You can ask questions you want answered here in the group or shoot them through to me via email. Then, every Tuesday, I go Live in the Facebook Group and we go through them together. If you can’t make it live, the recording stays in the group indefinitely. It’s also put on the Member’s Site so you can watch it when it suits.

+ Me! This is not an online membership where you are left to your own devices. I really believe that the amount of success that we’ve had in JoyRide is as much about support as it is the content. You are free to ask me questions at any time in the Facebook group. I’m all in when it comes to helping you. If you get stuck or need a hand, you only have to ask.

Limited Time Offer: $20 USD for your first month (then $49 USD per month)

I had some fear after breaking my back and after losing my heart horse that was holding me back from being the best I knew I could be. I am constantly blown away at the content that Jane puts out, the obvious love and passion she shows for all of us in JoyRide. She genuinely wants to help see us all achieve our goals, and nothing is too big or small.

My fear and frustration has gone and I have been able to forgive, accept and move forward from the loss of my horse and set some exciting new goals. I am constantly saying to my clients and anyone who will listen “have you heard of Jane Pike…you need to!”. Thank you Jane!

Ellie O'Brien

JoyRide Member

As a National-level competitor, I spend hours in the saddle perfecting my sport, but I felt like my riding was missing something. Mentally, I wasn’t prepared. Until experiencing this program, I didn’t realize my mindset was holding me back. JoyRide has truly been my “aha” moment, and it has been a valuable tool in taking my riding to the next level. I am tackling my limiting beliefs; setting attainable riding goals, and creating detailed strategies to get me to the winner’s circle. I have found the missing link between the mental and physical aspect of riding.

Laura Rubin

JoyRide Member

Ready to join?

Step One: Hit the Join Up Button. You’ll be asked to create a username and password (which you’ll also use to log in to the member’s site). You can pay by PayPal or Credit Card.

Step Two: Check your email for your official welcome! That will give you your details to log in to the site, join the Facebook group and get started with the pathways. It’s really simple and user friendly.



Having a  partnership with our horse where you are both happy and purposeful in what we’re doing requires us to be integrated, emotionally connected and in charge of ourselves. That’s where the gold is.

This program will help you have that.

Limited Time Offer: $20 USD for your first month (then $49 USD per month)

JoyRide is the best thing I did to help with my riding confidence, and the positive effects spills into everyday life too. Great advice from Jane & huge support from the other members.

Noirin Taylor

JoyRide Member

The JoyRide programme is a real game changer. I cannot express the gratitude I feel to Jane and the tools, insight, guidance she provides. Everything about this program inspires hope and courage.

Pamela Eastmond

JoyRide Member

This is the single biggest difference I have ever made to my riding and my life. I’ve been a member since the start and I’m constantly finding ways to improve my mind and thoughts. I had a massive achievement recently and i would never have thought it possible when I started. Join up. Oh and something else, it’s a fantastic group of people with support and encouragement from the members and our ever present Jane (she’s pretty amazing!).

Patricia Frost

JoyRide Member

Limited Time Offer: $20 USD for your first month (then $49 USD per month)

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