Energy, Vibration & Beauty In Movement

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When we observe beauty in movement, what we’re observing is a body with high vibrational resonance. Our brains may interpret this as an interplay of form and structure, but at its core, it’s an energetic dance, orchestrated primarily by the fascia.

Fascia has an essential tremor, which is its baseline vibrational frequency. Healthy fascia has a much higher base tremor, a much higher vibrational frequency than it’s less healthy counterparts, which directly reflects how information, on many different levels, is able to travel and move through the body.

Fascia is directly affected by our nervous system states. In the parasympathetic system, my fascia is hydrated, free to slide and move, and has a high energetic frequency. In the sympathetic system, fascia dehydrates for functional purpose; it’s energetic frequency decreases, and over time, loses its tonicity and form.

We could also understand the energetic resonance of fascia as the physical manifestation of our life force. When we observe a being in movement we recognise as beautiful, we are observing the literal flow of life force being able to move unimpeded through the body.

At its highest manifestation, we witness a body in movement as transcendent; an interplay of universal energies making themselves known in physical form. Moments of intuitive recognition that move you, experiences that we constantly chase and seek out as horse and rider partnerships.

This is why when we think of beauty and athleticism, we often also think of freedom. The freedom of the body to choose, adapt and change. The freedom of energetic flow to move without control or restriction, physically, mentally and emotionally.

The universal expressed through the individual.


❤️ Jane


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