The Difference Between The Fight Flight & Parasympathetic Brain

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The fight flight brain looks for things that are the same.

“How is this experience the same as what I experience yesterday, or last year, or ten years ago?”

It searches for same-ness and eradicates difference, causing us to erase or not notice the things happening in our present moment that show us something is changing. The things which indicate progress.

The parasympathetic brain notices differences. It pays attention to all of the variables, all of the changes in our present reality that show us that we are different, that things are different from yesterday.

If you can start to notice differences rather than same-ness, you will start to meet the reality that you are changing all of the time. You allow yourself to be new. And in that new-ness, you can start to create a different set of circumstances.

Search for the 1% difference.


❤️ Jane

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