Social Media & Blogs Are Just A Taste Test…

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Over the course of a month, I write a number of blog posts and share frequent snippets of my work on social media. I know that I am far from alone in that I’m interested in producing content of value, and that I hope is of interest to people, but at the same time there are limitations to how far you can go and how deep you can dive when the medium you are sharing on is one that whose currency is clickbait and where you’re encouraged to compete for scattered attention.

I know I’m also not alone in saying that what I write and offer via social media platforms is superficial compared to the actual work I do. It’s usually a snapshot that touches on subject matters that I’ve spent many years studying and have many conversations and practices around teaching.

I mention this because there is an expectation at times from some people that the whole answer to a challenge they are currently facing can be found within the confines of a blog or social media post. And that beyond that, that we are entitled to the time and knowledge of the person writing it if only we use enough capital letters or question marks to highlight the urgency of our requests.

I appreciate social media and for the most part have interactions that (I hope!) are mutually enjoyable and beneficial. But I’m sure I speak for more than myself- for my colleagues in various aspects and arenas of the horse world- when I say that social media can be a portal to finding people, work and ways that will assist you and your horse in finding answers to the challenges you face or to more information on areas that light you up or are passionate about. I love it for that also.

But it is not The Work.

Often times, when people email or message me, I can’t provide the answers they expect in the same format. And directing them to paid options like my membership, is not an attempt to fob them off or get them to sign up for my stuff. It’s a recognition that if their question is truly to be given the consideration and attention it deserves- and if they really want the answers they seek- then we need to invest a little further.

We need a bigger container, a bigger conversation, a longer time frame and more room to play, get curious and explore than a Facebook comment, a DM on instagram or an email will allow for.

Social media is a taste test, but it’s far from the whole meal.


❤️ Jane


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