Any Practice Worth Following Is Open To Robust Questioning

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Any system or practice worth following will be open to robust questioning.

A red flag always pops up for me when someone expression irritation or pushes away my queries to understand more, to get a better grasp on what it is that’s being presented.

Within my own work, I know I’ve tired quickly of my own righteousness, my own certainties or fixedness that what I offer in the only way or the best way.

The world, the information we have access to currently, what we understand to be true about the body, the mind, the universe, our place in it, holds so many grey areas, so many things yet to be discovered, expanded on, understood.

It’s part of the beauty, not the drawbacks.

Here we aren’t knowers, but adventurers. We should never lose our curiosity to ask, or the ability to receive questions.

I find strength, not weakness, in looking at things from a different point of view, and not being sure what to do with it. In being told, I don’t know, or I’m not sure.

In exploring from that place.

In letting ourselves rest in the ‘we’re not sure’.

In letting ourselves rest in, ‘that didn’t work, what else can we try?’

One of the arts of being human is to be able to hold the questions, the nuance, the ambiguity. And not just privately, but publicly, with each other.

To let ourselves live in the zones with the fuzzy edges and share what it is we find there.


❤️ Jane

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