Notes From ’23 The Journey On Podcast Summit

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1. Chantel Prat

“Turn down the voice that tells you you need to be more”

“We are dynamic beings. Our brains grow and change from every lived and imagined experience”

“Beliefs are a value system that you brain protects. It turns up or down your experiences in the world, based on the consistency of what you know”.

“Intuition & belief lie on a continuum and are represented in different areas of the brain and have different learning trajectories”,

“When you think ‘you know’, you prevent yourself from learning”

“Some of our stories we’ve inherited and we don’t even know they’re ‘in the water’; some we’ve inherited”


2. Kansas Carradine

“One of the reasons that it’s a gift to be with the horses is because I get to be in the silence”

“It’s our energy, our resonance (that’s operating in the world). Compassion is the lubricant that softens everything and helps things move more smoothly. It helps take away the dissonance.” (Paraphrased)

“The stories that we create about our horses gives us information; it lets us know about the energetic debris that needs to be set aside, and then we guide people into the heart, to be able to consciously decide what we send out into the field.”

“Heartmath brings coherence & order; it brings synchronization into our physiology. Fight flight closes our possibility and takes us our of our cortical thinking.”

“A big part of the piece is sending pre-care.”

“We are always transmitting and receiving. We are all broadcasting. So we have to ask, what is the resonance I want to hold? What is the frequency I want to bring into the situation? Let that be the step before the step.”

“In the equestrian world, we have a lot of crystallised belief patterns, and the heart can help us find a way to dissolve the energetic discord. When we have more awareness, we can repattern the discord”.

“Recognising what is, and feeling into the moment to apply our care appropriately.”

“To lose the performance anxiety: Asking the heart for a more efficient response; recognizing I am here to be of service.”

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