The Double Down Method

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Guys, I am really excited to share this one with you! You know when something clicks for you? I had one of those experiences last week. Although it presented as a challenge at first, what it actually was one of the best upward cycles of progress I have ever experienced and I’ve reached a whole new level of alignment as a result.

The Double Down method started as a personal process to bust through a limiting belief that I uncovered and evolved to become the latest course that I’ve added to JoyRide, my online program. It encompasses the four main areas that I always seek to pay attention to in my work; the spiritual, the emotional, the logical and the physical and centres around the thought:

I am no longer available to believe that my dreams are unavailable to me.

The spiritual element is faith and trust in myself; the understanding that support is all around me, and that if I just soften the edges of my resistance and back myself, I can attach myself to the thought that I am no longer available to the idea that what I want is unavailable to me.

Emotionally I need to practice the feeling of what it is that I want, well before it’s a part of my physical reality. Essentially, I have to get ahead of what it is I want to experience. Getting ahead of our experience is a true demonstration of our creative power.

Logically, I needed clarity around the process. Confusion and ambiguity are dream killers. So I sat down, identified what it is I am looking to create and how it is I are going to make that happen.

And physically, the commitment to showing up and taking action.

In this episode, I share the story behind the Double Down Method and lead you through the beautiful alchemy that is taking aligned action.

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❤️ Jane

2 thoughts on “The Double Down Method

  1. Success is an inside job! Best affirmation EVER!
    I will definitely be working on the “grace & lightness” affirmation. thanks again Jane

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