You’re listening to Episode 27 of the Confident Rider Podcast with Jane Pike.


Guys, I am really excited to share this one with you! You know when something clicks for you? And

I’ve been doing this work for a really long time, but on a personal level, over the last couple of

days, I have had an experience which has re shuffled things in my mind, and I feel like I’ve

reached a whole new level of alignment in terms of where it is I’m going with my own horsing

practices, personally, and also just how it is I’m navigating my day to make sure that things are

lining up. When I’m talking talking about lining up, I am talking about lining up from the inside out.

So making sure that spiritually, emotionally, logically, physically, things are feeling in alignment,

to be in a place to create what it is that I want, and be able to really show up for my horse also in

the way that I want. So let me give you the backstory to this.


I’ve spent the last two days working like a madwoman off the back of this inspired action that I’m

talking about, because I had an experience- a 24 hour experience at the start of the week- which

really re-shuffled things for me. Basically, I rode Dee, and we had kind of an average ride together.

Nothing went really wrong. Nothing was fantastic. It was just kind of okay. And it got me thinking

for some reason this particular ride got me thinking, am I the one for the job? Now for those of you

who might be new to my story with Dee and for those of you not, I apologise for me reiterating

this particular part, but I have been going through the process of starting Dee under saddle. This

is the first time that I’ve done it. And so I’m kind of feeling my way through the process and asking

a lot of questions, drawing on the knowledge from lots of other people to get me to the place that

I want. And so, occasionally, I’ve been hitting these roadblocks where I’m like, okay, where to take

this next? For the most part, it’s been super harmonious. He has been so gracious in allowing me

to go through this and to make the mistakes that I’ve made and you know, we’ve we’ve got a

pretty good thing going on. But what I’ve been finding recently is that I am coming into the trot- so

we’re working on establishing the trot under saddle- and I just couldn’t help him, I felt, find the

level of relaxation that I wanted him to. And for whatever reason, I’ve kind of become a little bit

fixated on this, I guess thinking about it and ruminating over it.


So we had a ride and it was it was okay like I felt, like like I said, that things weren’t really bad,

things weren’t really great. But little idea sparked into my head and was like, are you the best one

for the job? It wasn’t coming from a place of ‘Oh, I’m useless. I can’t do this’. It wasn’t like a woe is

me me place. It was like, I really want to do the best thing by my horse. I know that in this

particular area, you know, I’m a little bit green as well, and wouldn’t be better if I sent him to a

professional, quote unquote, for a couple of weeks to put some rides on him and kind of get things

flowing. And I reached out to a couple of really good friends of mine about it and one, Katy, who

I’ve done a podcast with in the past, Katy Negranti, she’s one of my best friends and she was like, I

totally believe in you, you can do this. It’s very normal to have these wobbles, you know, and she

said something as well which is like, you know, someone might get on him and get that trot and

canter going and whatever but it will be pushing through a level of resistance that you’re feeling

at the moment and you need to trust what it is that you’re feeling.


So I thought more about that and I agreed with her, and I even contacted a trainer to ask

availability, just kind of like putting it out there, you know, like assessing what my options were,

and kept on going about my day. And I was walking up to the horses- so we have this beautiful

back track, and there’s trees down there, it’s one of my favourite places to walk. And I was walking

along with two buckets and a voice popped into my head. That said, ‘Jane, if you really want to

do this, you need to double down and make it happen.’


And literally, it was like ding! I have been arguing for my limitations, especially this last 24 hours

but to an extent this entire time, I didn’t realise how attached I had become to this idea that there

were other people, in this kind of like, you know, alternate universe that would be more suitable or

better or, you know, would do whatever job that I couldn’t do. I was attached to this idea and I

was using it as


kind of my get out of jail free card. Like it was it anytime, obviously I experienced this level of

resistance with within me, I reverted to that thought process of “is this you know, is he better with

someone else would someone else do this better?’ rah rah rah, and so on and so forth. And I was

like, excuse me but bloody hell, Jane, like you need to get serious about really backing yourself,

you need to double down and get this done. And doubling down is not about the actual process

of showing up, although it’s a part of it. Because I know that I am capable of doing this. I know

that I have the skill to do this. I know that on a bum in saddle level, I am capable of making this

happen. So the only thing that is holding me back is this persistent and consistent attachment to

this limiting belief that I’ve been unknowingly cultivating that someone else potentially could be

better for the job.


And that little flicker of doubt that it planted in me was enough for me to actually not invest 100%

in myself. With that in mind, I had this, let’s double down on this idea. I was like, well, what’s the

double down method? Literally, I said to this to myself, what’s the double down method? And

again, I came back to my office, I sat down with my pen and paper, and I mapped out what I

believed a double down method would look like.


Now the double down method encompasses all four parts that I am always wanting to pay

attention to in my work. It encompasses the spiritual element, it encompasses the emotional

element, it encompasses the mental element and the physical element. So that spiritual element

is really that faith and trust in myself, that the support is all around me, and that if I just soften the

edges of my resistance and back myself, I can attach myself to the thought that I am no longer

available to the idea that what I want is unavailable to me. Emotionally I need to practice the

feeling of what it is that I want. You know, I need to actually infuse my body marinate myself in

the experience that I want of that lovely relaxed, free flowing trot. I can feel it now it actually

makes me smile as I’m walking around. But emotionally I need to go to that place in order to

create aligned action, we have to get ahead of what it is we want to experience. We have to get

ahead of it on every level and that is activating our creative power. Now I know this and I practice

this in so many areas and I’m practices in my riding as well obviously, but I got this like I really got

it the last 48 hours and I feel excited about it. I feel excited sharing it with you, I feel excited

talking about it. And I really believe that that


joy filled feeling is an indicator of things clicking into place. It’s like roger that you’ve got it right.

You are on the right path. Let’s rock this out now. So we have this spiritual element, we have this

emotional element, we have the mental element, which is really having clarity around the

process. Confusion, ambiguity, are dream killers. So really just sitting down, identifying what it is

you’re looking to create, how it is you need to make that happen, what skills you have to draw on,

what resources you have to draw on. And resources also involve the people there that can help

you. So this doesn’t mean you know, backing yourself and 100% believing in yourself and saying, I

am no longer available to the idea that what I want is unavailable to me, also doesn’t mean that

you have to go it alone. It means that you You open yourself up to all of the support that is

around you, while simultaneously knowing that you can trust yourself and your inner wisdom and

intuition at the same time. So they’re not separate pieces that somehow work together as

independent units. These two things meld together.


And then we have our physical intelligence, which is that commitment to showing up, to doing the

work to staying available to the higher intention of what it is that you are wanting to create and

being unattached to the moment. So those two pieces are really, really important, this intention,

this alignment with your higher intention. So for me, that is alignment with this beautiful, relaxed,

forward free flowing trot, and recognising that perhaps that’s not going to happen instantly. You

know, and so being unattached to the moment. The emotional element, it’s, I guess it’s sort of

traditionally called visualization but it’s that feels quite serious, doesn’t it? So I’ve lost it. I’ve

dropped the idea of visualisation in this instance. And I’m calling it playful dreaming, because I

just want to soften the edges. Like I say, I want to get into this with the idea of possibility and

potential and fluidity and fun and in order for that to happen, I want to be playful, like I don’t want

to get all serious and stuck in it.


So JoyRiders, by the time you’re listening to this, if you are in my membership programme now,

you will have been introduced to this Double Down Method, because I’ve been creating it for you

the last couple of days. And I’ve gone through that process of defining the four quadrants so the

spiritual, emotional, mental and physical elements of what it is we need to pay attention to to

double down and if you haven’t got into it already, there are meditations and visualisations; there

are inspiration cards and a workbook there for you that you can jump into that really take you

through the same process I’ve been going through to get my stuff together, basically. And if you

want to join us for that you can come and join JoyRide, confidentrider.online/joyride, the Double

Down Method is in there and it takes you through this process that I’m talking about right now.


So onwards, okay! so I had this, you know, epiphany of what of what needed to happen. And what

was really interesting was after this happened, and I decided to write this course tonight, to make

this course, it’s really very personal, because it does relate specifically to, you know, my own

adventures, which everything does, but this this one in particular feels really personal. But what

happened was the next day, I went out there and road and the two words that popped into my

head were grace and ease, grace and ease. And I jumped on Dee, and I decided, you know,

instead of… well this playful dreaming element is really important and the playfulness, in

particular, because I think when we start to identify something, which is a challenge or a problem

for us- problem feels like quite a serious word there- but you know, something that’s a little bit

sticky or a little bit thorny, then we tend to fixate on that. And one of the practices that I’m always

involving myself in and always teaching is how it is we can expand our awareness so that we can

zoom out and realise that in the midst of challenge or in the midst of uncomfortable emotion, the

tendency is to shrink in and really focus in on that thing. And so the skill of being able to stay

resourceful and access everything else that is available to you, involves zooming back out and

saying, okay, I recognise that there is this inherent tendency to contract into uncomfortable

feeling. But if I can zoom out and realise that actually… it’s possible for me to point towards my

resources, it’s possible for me to access other feelings in this moment, then, you know, things start

to happen because you realise that there are so many other possibilities. There are other choices

that you’re able to make in terms of how it is you show up and how it is you approach something.


So I decided, how is it that I can approach this differently? You know, how can I approach this

playfully? And I started to repeat to myself grace and ease, grace and ease, grace and ease. Now,

this is like a focal cue. I guess there are two types of focal cues that I teach. And they’re both

outlined in the Rise Pathway because specifically I refer to them when it is we are riding under

pressure or in environments which don’t naturally support the mindset that we want to create like

competition. And so choosing a word for yourself that kind of demonstrates the atmosphere that

you want to create can be a really good thing to attach your mind to. And that’s what I decided

to do in this instance. I kept smiling. I kept light. I kept everything really understated because for

me, in my particular problem, in inverted commas, we were launching into a really big trot

straight off the bat that felt a little bit unbalanced and a little bit rushy. And that’s where I was

having this sticky moment. And so I decided, Okay, let’s really underplay this you know, if what we

have…. if the energy that’s presenting us one that’s a little bit much, then we want to go in the

other direction, really underplay it. So I was very subtle. I just allowed the thought of trot to rise up

into my brain space, and let that be the aid as opposed to actually, you know, asking something

physically, even if that to me appeared to be quite subtle. So we came in to trot, I thought about

trot, I chanted out loud grace and ease, grace and ease to myself. We tried it half a dozen strides

and came back to walk off the seat aid. And I tell you, it was like I had won a gold medal. I was



And we did that half a dozen more times and I got off. And we’ve been repeating it ever since.

And something has changed. But nothing has changed, right? Something has changed. The

something that has changed is me. The something that has changed is my attitude. This

something that has changed is my level of belief. The something that has changed is my

approach to how it is I am showing up for my horse. I’m showing up playfully. I’m showing up with

positive anticipation and expectation. I’m showing up believing that this will happen for us. This

may it may not happen in the way that I envisage or dream and desire right now. However, I trust

that what it is that I desire for both of us is on its way to me. And when I hook into that, everything

feels wonderful. It feels wonderful now, that’s the joy of it, hey. It feels wonderful now not in the

future. And when I hook into that feeling of feeling wonderful now, then I’m in the ultimate

creative zone. So for any of you out there, and I know actually all of us, right, all of us go through

this kind of stuff at some point or another. If you are out there pushing the bar in any way, if you’re

expanding your comfort zone and doing the do, the simple truth is this stuff is going to come up

for you and you too are going to have to double down.


Now the thing with doubling down is that you actually have to do it you have to get ahead of

yourself. You have to get ahead of what’s presenting in your experience or in your reality. And that

does require a commitment on some level. So for me, I am ruthless about the thoughts that I

entertain. Usually I am, you know, I am this way anyway. But obviously what’s happened over the

last week is I’ve been really involved in one of those upward cycles of progress that I talked about,

where all of a sudden, I am re presented with a similar way of going about things or a similar

feeling that a new level of information understanding has made its way to me. And so I can really

clock in with a totally different perspective of how it is I want to go about things, a totally

different feeling, like I say, a new level of alignment. But for me, I’m also doing the Do you know, I

am making sure that what it is I’m marinating in, what it is I’m surrounding myself with is fully

supportive of what it is that I’m wanting to create, and I’m not entertaining the possibility. Like I

say, I am not longer available to the idea that what I want is unavailable to me. So for me that

involves a pretty specific amount of time per day that I’m dedicating to spiritual, emotional,

mental and physical advancement if you like. When I get up in the morning, the first thing that I

do is I have a meditation practice I have a breath practice that I go through and a journaling

practice that I go through and that is what I have put together and put down in the Double Down

method in JoyRide because I really believe this stuff works.


I guess I haven’t it’s… some elements might be slightly more woo woo than what it is. I’ve talked

about before that I thought you know what, let’s just get down what what you believe in and what

works for you because that’s your truth. And then whoever comes to it can pick and choose as to

whether it’s their truth also. So for me, it’s really creating those practices, those sustaining

practices that allow my mind allow my body, allow my spirit, allow my heart to get to where it is

that I want it to be. And so there’s that 20 minute practice in the morning the breath, practice the

meditation practice the journaling practice. And then I have created another one called Playful

Dreaming, this visualisation practice, which allows you to, again, get into that lovely aligned

space and connect with what it is that you are wanting to create. Dreaming, my friends, is a

radical act. It is something that is not so much supported out there because everyone is fixated on

what it is that actually happening in front of them. You know, we are observers of what it is that’s

going on, and usually what it is that’s going on, that’s not working. And so instead to be able to

detach yourself from that, not as a dishonouring of what it is you’re experiencing, but instead

saying, you know, I recognise that in order for me to be able to really connect to what it is I want, I

have to get creative. And that creative process involves me on every level getting ahead of what

it is I want to experience that I know that success is an inside job. And it starts with the belief. It

starts with the belief that then it takes the action that takes me to the place that I want to go.

And it’s hard because you have to hang in there before it shows up.


And there will be evidence; evidence in the people around you, evidence in what it is you’re

experiencing that challenges those practices, that tells you that you’re wrong or it’s not true, or it’s

a wistful dreaming. But ignore it. You have to hang in there. You have to align yourself, you have

to really attach yourself to the outcome before the outcome is known to you in your experience.

Can you tell them excited? Can you tell I’m excited? Double Down Dudes! Like if you really have

something that you want to happen. And for me, I really want to go through this process with my

pony from start to finish. Like I really, really want that and I know we can do it. I believe in him, I

believe in myself, but you gotta double down, you’ve really got to do the work on every level,

you’ve got to show up. You’ve got to really get out there and take the action that you need. You’ve

got to ask for help. But before that, you’ve got to believe that you can do it. You’ve got to believe

that you can do it. You have to actually create the practices and processes around you that

support the idea that you can do it. And you have to be unavailable to the idea that what you

want is unavailable to you. Because it is available to you and you can absolutely do it. Oh, there

we go. If you want to double down me come and JoyRide it is such a great place to be. The

members are fantastic the contents out of this world. Well, I’m getting quite excited about that.

But really I really believe in it. I see the success stories that come out of it every day and I’m

excited to double down with everyone that’s been there. So if you’re like it’s time for me to get this

stuff done as well then the course is in there right now and I am inviting you, formally, to come

and join me: confidentrider.online/joyride. Aside from that though, have a fantastic week, back

yourself, believe in yourself, believe in your horse, do the work and get out there and make it

happen. I’ll talk to you in the next episode. Thank you so much for joining me today and I’ll catch

you on the flip side