Supercharge Your Equestrian Business with Rhea Freeman

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A lot of emails and messages find their way into my inbox, and more than a good handful of those are from other people with Equestrian businesses or riders who are wanting to know how it is they can grow in a professional capacity. Now I’m all for collaboration and lifting each other up, and if there is one thing I know, it’s that we need more amazing people out there doing their thing in the horse world… and your thing is not a lotta good to anyone if you don’t put yourself out there. Trust me, I know what a tough gig this can be, but I don’t want those of you who do have something to share in a professional capacity hiding behind the mounting block any longer, so I decided to bring someone in to help out. Today I am talking with the very lovely Rhea Freeman, equestrian and country business coach, on how to do exactly that: How to supercharge your business and get yourself out there

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