Pattern Not Personality

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Your learning style- how you process information, respond to feedback or criticism, the conditions you “require” in order to be able to take things in- gives you a lot of information about where your nervous system is sitting.

Each stage of the survival nervous system response (fight, flight, freeze and conservation of energy mode) not only has its own corresponding set of physical and structural changes that occur in the body, but behavioral and thought-based patterns as well. These days, I can tell a lot about where someone’s nervous system is sitting not only by the posture and position of their body, but also through the words they use and how they respond to me in conversation.

When we live and ride predominantly from our survival nervous system, our brain chooses one of the main reflex patterns to express through. A defensive response goes hand in hand with a fight pattern, dissociation, or constant questioning of oneself with flight, overwhelm and incessant questions of others with freeze and the “what’s the point, let’s throw the towel in” with collapse.

So much of what we consider to be personality flaws or an inability to process information on our part is nothing of the sort; it’s simply a reflection of where your nervous system is sitting. Shifting out of that place takes some time and effort, and the first part of that transition involves understanding these are simply patterns, not personality.


❤️ Jane

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