Begin Again

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“Comfort zone” is an interesting phrase, and it’s not one that we typically think of with positive connotations. Usually, the discussions about it centre around how to leave it or how we’re spending too much time in it. But as with everything, nothing is inherently good or bad; it’s more about what is most appropriate for that particular moment.

Your comfort zone can be your start point. It can be the place you return to in order to re-establish communication and connection with your horse when one or both has been lost. It’s a place of familiarity that allows you to press reset, to a place from which you can make a different set of decisions in order to observe a different set of outcomes.

This past week saw me bring all of my horses back into work, after some extended time off. For a moment, I had a familiar mist wash over me which convinced me that I had no idea what to do, no idea where to start. I know this feeling well; it’s the one that visits sometimes when I’m required to Begin Again.

All of us Begin Again at some point. We might Begin Again in situations like mine, where life has forced your hand and momentum has been lost in a particular area of your life, like working your horses. We might have to Begin Again half-way through a session. It can be a small Begin Again or a big one but regardless of which, they both share a similar start point- the humble comfort zone.

Comfort Zones + Beginning Again work well together. I’m grateful for them both. It’s a blessing to have a foundation to return to, to build from, to re-establish and to navigate back to when necessary.

So, this week, I pulled on my boots and I Began Again. I grabbed my halter, and I met my horses and we started with what we both know. We greeted each other and we returned to our shared comfort zone. We started with what we know in order to adventure together into what we don’t.

And it’s been quite wonderful.


❤️ Jane

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