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Intuition is a subject of particular fascination for me, and the more that I study and understand the nervous system, the more I realise that much of what we might consider as ESP, the 6th sense, or the special sensory power of some people is actually a natural part of a nervous system that is functioning in parasympathetic dominance; it’s just that most of us are so out of kilter from a nervous system level and so trained into believing that we can think and analyse our way through everything with the conscious brain alone that when we have an intuitive experience (or hear about someone else having one), we consider it to be almost supernatural.

The reality is, however, that our intuition is an intrinsic part of our individual and collective humanity. The reticular activating system for instance (and don’t get me started on this incredible brain part- it will literally and metaphorically blow your mind) is capable of processing 2 billion bits of sensory information per second. 2 billion! Per second!

If we move away from the labels, the stories, and the mental models that are a function of our sympathetic system, imagine how much more info would make it through to our cerebral cortex. That’s the place of the parasympathetic- we are open, receptive. We are here now, and we are listening.

And from that place, all of us truly do have superpowers.


❤️ Jane

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