Dysregulation vs Responsiveness

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Something that you hear a lot around discussion of the nervous system are the terms regulation and dysregulation (and if you’ve read my posts or listened to my podcasts for any length of time, you will know these to be words that I use frequently myself). The truth of it is, however, that there really is no such thing as dysregulation.

There’s no such thing as a dysregulated body.

There’s no such thing as a dysregulated system.

How so? Well, the unconscious brain holds wisdom that extends well beyond our conscious awareness. Every choice that it makes- the choice to align our bones a specific way, move in a specific way, respond in a specific way- is a reflection of the most regulated response available to it in that moment.

Granted, our responses might not be as adaptive or as fluid as we would like. But within the capacity of what information is available and what is possible in that moment according to your unconscious, how the body presents chooses to respond is the most regulated response for that moment in time.

The use of the term “dysregulation” is a reflection of us comparing ourselves to an ideal. And there is standard for this. What is ideal for you and ideal for me from moment to moment presents very differently.

What we are ultimately aiming for is responsiveness, and beyond that, the ability to trust that the processes of the body are and always have been working in our best interest.


❤️ Jane

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