Honouring Your Thinking Needs

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As someone with an active and enquiring mind, an important part of my day involves feeding myself in ways that satisfy my intellectual curiosity. When it comes to navigating stress cycles, we hear a lot about the importance of movement and exercise, but less so about the energy created (and stored) by the build-up of mental energy that isn’t channeled to productive purpose.

Searching minds who love to learn need outlets to direct their energy too. Without them, the residual energy builds in the same way that it does in a body that needs to move and finds it can’t, and then… it mutates.

If you are frustrated, anxious, feeling out of sorts, as part of a holistic process of enquiry, I would ask if you are tending to your “thinking needs” in the way that they need to be tended to? Do you have an outlet for your energies, for self-expression and for creativity?

What I’m speaking of here is very separate to the compulsion to keep busy. Instead, it’s the recognition that for those of us who love to learn and seek and question, the energy that presents is very real and needs to be tended to as such.


❤️ Jane

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