Core Conditioning For Horses with Visconte Simon Cocozza

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What’s the difference between a horse that dances when you are on him and one that doesn’t? This is the question that this week’s guest, Visconte Simon Cocozza answers in his fabulous book, Core Conditioning for Horses, and the launching point for our conversation around how to mobilise and optimise the core when working together with our horses.

Simon himself is a performance coach, an examiner for FFE (La Fédération Française d’Equitation) and one of Europe’s leading biodynamics researchers. His methodology is based on yoga principles for humans applied to a ridden system for the horse that conditions their core and allows for optimal mental and physical harmony.

In this episode, we discuss:

⭐️ The design of the horse and how this impacts and informs the approach and design of an effective training program

⭐️ Common issues that arise from a weak core

⭐️ Understanding the relationship between form and function,

⭐️ The importance of the warmup and key exercises to incorporate

⭐️ How to assess your horse’s “core score” and the importance of a strong core for the health and happiness of our horses

You can tune your listening ears in here:

If you want to find out more about Simon, or purchase his book ‘ Core Conditioning For Horses’, here are the places to do so:

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Buy The Book On Book Depository

Visit His Website

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