The Emotional Discharge Of Anxiety To Anger

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Emotional flow and understanding are topics I’m super passionate about. I’m of the belief that many of us struggle with our emotions simply because we’ve never considered the possibility that the ability to navigate them is a skill, and consequently we spend our days in a swirling pool of mixed, conflicting and confusing energy that manifests in ways that are undesirable to us.

The thing is we aren’t trained for this stuff and yet we beat ourselves up when we fall short in practice.

Last week, I wrote an article on one of the common tripwires that see many a rider combusting from within- the emotional discharge of anxiety to anger. It resonated with so many of you that I’ve decided to dedicate today’s episode to exploring it further, both from the position of someone in the midst of it as an emotional experience and someone on the receiving end (and let’s face it, both places are tough ones to be in).

We adventure through:

– How emotions travel in groups. The complex interaction of feeling and intuition
– The energetic component of emotions and how this can contribute to explosive, seemingly irrational or disproportionate behavior.
– The close relationship between anxiety and anger; why and how they serve you
– Some tips to deal with the emotional discharge as someone going through the experience and someone on the receiving end.

I hope you enjoy it! And if you are interested in reading the original article I wrote, you can check that out here.


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