Congruency, Rapport & Resonance

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I’m fine. Nothing. Don’t worry about it. It’s no big deal. I’m ok. It’ll be all good.

I’m musing.

How often are you congruent in your daily life? How often do your words and feelings fail to match up?

How often do you suppress, deny, invalidate, ignore gut feelings, dismiss emotion with vacuous verbal expressions?

Not just the “bad”. The good too. Sometimes, it’s harder to accept the good. Worthiness- or lack of- is a constant discussion.

If you’re anything like the rest of us, it’s happening all the time. Colourful emotion swapped for disassociation and blandness.

Logic at the expense of intuition.

Rationale over emotion.

Practicality over sensuality.

A disconnect

Your horse does not communicate with words. They see your incongruence. Sensuality, instinct, intuition is their world.

Maybe you find yourself in a situation that feels uncomfortable. Repetitive. Even destructive or dismissive. Because long ago when the emotional notification was sent, you learned to shut it off. In order to be… acceptable. The same. The most normal.

In order to do what was expected.

And so your horse…

You might close the door. Dissociate to a swirling pool of emotion. Switch off. Or think you have. But your horse sees the pool behind as strongly as you are overwhelmed by the heady scent of perfumes in the cosmetic department at a department store.

Words might be your primary language, but emotion, intuition, instinct is theirs.

He’s a bit up today.

He’s so anxious. Flighty. Uptight. Difficult.

He’s a hard case. Stubborn.

But maybe he’s just congruent. Congruent with you.

And so maybe he’s also calm. Relaxed. Easy.

Aren’t you lucky?

He’s such a joy to be around.

But maybe he’s just congruent. Congruent with you.

Either way, the thing about the horse, the gift of the horse as a teacher is either way, there is no rejection, no judgement. It just… is.

I never fully understood that idea of horses being your mirror, but I’m beginning to touch the sides. To be more self responsible in my honesty, with myself and with others.

Everything in your day provides the opportunity for practice.

The journey to mindful connection with another- horse or human- begins with mindful connection to yourself.

Emotional congruency, rapport and emotional resonance.


xx Jane

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