Allowing Yourself To Be Moved: On Creative Practices as Portals for Transformation & Wellbeing

Modern understandings of anatomy and physiology have allowed us to know our body and mind in ways that have not understood previously. Whilst this is a blessing that sees both horses and humans able to function in a way that maximizes health and wellness, we have to take care that the same information that seeks to liberate does not become reductive. Where we are reduced to a body mobilized by a nervous system and brain and forget that we are so much more beyond that.

Our creativity, our intuition, the imaginative and the symbolic are, equal to the touchable and the visceral, a huge part of what makes up the magic and mystery of being human. A huge part of what allows us to make sense of the world, our place in it, and to both open and close loops of experience that may be swimming in the pool of our unconscious.

When we approach or seek out work that allows us to lead full and vital lives, to reconcile upsetting or traumatic experience, or to find a way through a real and present challenge, what we are looking for is safe passage; ways to be moved from the point that we find ourselves in now to a different space—a space that allows us more choices and gives us back our agency and voice.

Creative expression offers this, both as an organizing, physical movement and an internal movement. It allows us to leave a different person from how we came.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • A personal experience I had this week with writing that I found transformative on every level
  • How creative expression can allow us to close open loops of experiences that are keeping us stuck
  • The need for creative expression as part of a full and vital life

I hope you enjoy it!

Happy listening,

xx Jane