What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Purpose and Drive (But still have the desire)

We are freestyling again this week! I had the inspired thought before recording this to ask the in my JoyRide Member’s Group what was front of mind for the peeps in there and said I would roll with the first comment that came up. Running with that, this episode is all about where to take things when you’ve lost your purpose and drive (but still have the desire).

We talk about:

⭐️ What to look out for in the first instance if you feel that motivation is flagging
⭐️ The importance of learning to sit with discomfort and experiences that may not feel that great
⭐️ How to navigate your way through those “flat zones” where you feel like everything has taken a dive

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As per, I would love to hear your thoughts! Please feel free to screenshot and share on social media if you enjoy it (tag me in too!). I really hope it’s useful.

❤️ Jane