Episode 6 – The Anatomy of Riding Anxiety

Anxiety both in and out of the saddle is such a common mood state to experience- and while you are in the midst of it, often completely overwhelming! Whilst the experience of riding anxiety is prevalent, understanding why and how it arises is vital in order to find a solution that is going to work for you.

In this episode, we discuss the anatomy of anxiety so you can better understand how and why it happens and what’s more, how to deal with it.

Episode 5 – Self- Sabotage & Success Thresholds

Ever felt held back by the fear about what other people might think? Stopped yourself from putting yourself out there, entering that competition, or stepping up for fear of the ramifications? This is the episode for you! In this episode, I chat about how we self-sabotage and limit ourselves based not only on worries and concerns, but on our self-imposed limit of how much “good stuff” we can handle.

The principles I discuss are really important understandings to have to ensure you don’t keep hitting your own glass ceiling and create habits and practices that limit the success of both you and your horse. 

Episode 2 – Focus, emotional busy-ness and working memory

Emotional busy-ness is something that we all dip and out of periodically, but if we aren’t mindful of how we are managing our focus and creating space in the day for downtime and reflection, it can become our day-to-day modus operandi. Not only does this cause us to carry a feeling of “rush” with us, but it also impacts our ability to stay present, to focus on the task at hand and to be able to manage our mindset under pressure.

Emotional busy-ness also has immediate consequences when it comes to working with our horses. If there’s one things that’s essential, not only to your mindset, but to your ability to be responsive as opposed to reactive as a trainer and rider (and as soon as we get in the saddle or pick up on the lead rope we are both of these, whether we formally identify with them or not) it’s the ability to be present. Emotional busy-ness pulls us out of the present and positions us mentally in the past or in the future, depending on the thought process at the time. There are many ramifications of this training wise; in this episode we talk about how mind clutter affects your working memory and in turn, your ability to focus.

Episode 1 – Dealing with the feeling of not being good enough

Let’s talk about the little voice inside your head that tells you you’re not good enough! The feeling that you are somehow not worthy, deserving or good enough are the top players when it comes to limiting beliefs and there’s a tremendous sense of liberation that can come from understanding that these beliefs aren’t necessarily specific to your experience alone- they are part of the HUMAN experience.

In this episode, I talk about limiting beliefs, the belief system cycle and the impact they have on your riding and on your life.