The Long Game

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If there’s one thing that I am continually reminding myself of, it’s that you have to play the long game.

The long game is not about goals, destinations, or ultimate outcomes. Instead, it’s a reminder that what you are doing now is about more than “today’s ride” or even “the next ride”. It’s the ability to zoom out and see where you are on the map currently in the overall expanse of everything that has come before and everything that you hope will come after.

When things become challenging in the moment– maybe your horse gets injured (or you do); maybe things are a bit wonky in training; maybe there’s a point that you feel stuck on—the details can draw you in and consume you. From that place, from that place of contraction, it’s hard to search for the doors that are open; it’s hard to seek out possibility or consider an alternative route from the one that you decided on. You are drowning in the detail.

It’s hard to ask yourself more beautiful questions beyond “why is this happening?” and “what are we going to do now?”.

If you find yourself in that spot, reminding yourself of your long game is a necessary transition to make. It lets you take a breath out. Your shoulders will drop. Your perspective will return.

The long game will tell you, it’s ok. This is only a page in a book made up of thousands.

Let’s find the doors that are open to us right now. Who can we reach out to for help? What do we need to know to get us moving forward? What’s the closest step we can take?

Long game focus is a necessary place to rest in for short term stability.



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