Redefining What It Means To Be Brave

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Over the past few years, I’ve noticed what I am learning from my horses is taking a much bigger and more expansive form.

The same dreams remain; to create a harmonious and energetic relationship together. To learn what I can about behavior, biomechanics, and horsemanship so I can be the best partner possible. But beyond that, I’ve noticed that my work with horses has gifted me with an increased capacity, strength, and resilience to show up in other areas of my life in bigger and bolder ways.

In short, horses have allowed me to access and find my voice in ways that I have never experienced previously. They have prompted me to redefine what it means to be brave and to understand the different forces at work that exert their influence on us and keeping us playing and feeling small.

In this episode I reflect back on my experiences and discuss:

  • The importance of strengthening our voice and developing a healthy relationship with the fight channel of our nervous system
  • Letting go of the rigid, masculinized view of bravery and offering a different viewpoint that allows us to ride and move with integrity
  • Horsemanship as a practice of everyday activism, that allows us to enter the bigger conversation on structural and systemic inequities

Happy listening!


❤️ Jane




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