How to get up and go when you feel “blah” & keep self-sabotaging!

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Hey team! It’s another episode of “What’s the One thing?!”. The question of the week is:

How to get up and go when you feel “blah” and keep self-sabotaging? 

Answer in the video 

Want to submit your own question? You can do so via the form link here and I will make a video of 1-2 minutes or less telling you the “one thing” that I consider the most important or relevant thing to pay attention to.

There are no catches, you can be anonymous if you want (just skip past the name bit), just some straight up advice speed coaching style!



2 thoughts on “How to get up and go when you feel “blah” & keep self-sabotaging!

  1. THANK YOU for this! Perfectly timed for me. Hmmm, comfort zones, and the ANSWER to that question…?! I’ve just come in from a (good) ride… Tho have been struggling for a while, haven’t been sure why. Now i think i’ve got a few good ideas! Can’t wait to play with Looli again tomorrow.

  2. So happy to read this Shan! Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures! ❤️ Jane

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