Confidence Requires Midwifery

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Developing your confidence requires midwifery. Us humans, we have fooled ourselves into thinking that we need to go about things alone. We maroon ourselves on Not Good Enough Island or Here Comes the Anxiety Boulevard and think the movement towards feeling any different is ours and ours alone.

Not so.

Confidence requires a team to bring it into the world.

It starts with giving yourself permission to explore a different way of being. To consider the possibility that it’s available for you in the first place. To entertain the thought that it could be yours.

And then, you find your people to hold you. To let you try it on for size. To be curious about your boundaries of comfort and to discover your okay-ness within that. To tell you that you and all you bring are welcome here.

Curiosity allows you to adventure, to be inquisitive, and both allow you to recognize your creative powers, your generative ability.

Confidence is not a solo operation.

It needs permission to exist.
Support as you explore.
Curiosity to flourish.


❤️ Jane

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