Claim Your Space

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At the moment- even more so than usual- there’s a lot of stuff out there ready and willing to soak up your mental and emotional bandwidth. Whilst some of it is unavoidable- the reality of living in a world that’s navigating a pandemic, political conversations (and arguments), the stresses that come as part of daily living- it’s easy to martyr yourself to the system and feel like you have no choice but to surrender to the tumble dryer of thoughts in your head.

Whilst those experiences might be our truth currently, we can still be responsible for what we are consuming and how much. Part of claiming your space and owning your time and energy comes with eliminating distractions, giving yourself what you need, and recognizing where you are leaking energy (and doing something to fix it).

Yes, some of it is out of our control but if we are brutally honest, we’ve trained ourselves into distraction. The habitual logging on to news sites, even if our body is screaming at us that we are at capacity. The mindless scrolling of social media that takes up any white space that might be available in our minds for creative thought and instead jams it full of well… crap.

Claim your space.

Recognise what drains you and what’s in your control to do something about.

Safeguard your energy like the precious resource that it is.

And for anyone who might need to hear it- for at least part of the day- turn your phone off, put it out of sight, and put your hands on the earth instead.


❤️ Jane

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