Ben Longwell: On Horsemanship, Riding With Purpose & The Vaquero Tradition

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At the end of last year, I started working together with Ben Longwell from True West Horsemanship and was so impressed not only with his skills and horsemanship, but his kind and generous manner with both horses and humans alike. Hailing from Colorado, Ben is based (almost) full time in New Zealand, training and starting horses and teaching at his home in Canterbury, and hosting a full calendar of clinics, both locally and overseas.

Over several conversations chatting with Ben, I was really excited to get him on the podcast- not only to share his horsemanship thoughts but to talk more about the Vaquero tradition and the Californian Bridle Horse (something he has an incredible knowledge around). I really hope you enjoy it!

In amongst a whole lotta things, Ben and I discuss:

How to create a transferable conversation from the ground to the saddle using your position, life, and space
Horsemanship with purpose
The Vaquero tradition and the Californian Bridle Horse; the history and training progression

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Want to find out more about Ben? You can find him at the links below!

True West Horsemanship Website
Facebook Page

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