Showing Up As You Are Now: On Failure, Self-Acceptance & Being Unattached To The Outcome (with Special Guest Katy Negranti)

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Just prior to recording this episode, I pinged my friend Katy Negranti a Facebook message and said, do you mind if I reference you? I’m just about to hit record and the conversations that we’ve been having seem really relevant!

Actually, I added, if you are free now, wanna jump on and do this thing together?

As one of my besties, Katy is always someone I’m chattering with (traveling across the US and spending an entire month in each other’s pockets for the World Equestrian Games will do that to a girl!), but our conversations of late have been about stuff that I feel is relevant to everyone…

The expectations we put on ourselves to show up a certain way.

The fear of failure or of somehow making a fool of ourselves.

The pressures we face when it comes to literally and metaphorically stepping into the arena.

Both Katy and I have some stuff we are prepping for; I have some clinics coming up and Katy is diving into doing some roping. Both are set to challenge our skills and require us to look a little deeper at what’s going on so we can shed some previous stories that are holding us back and embrace what’s ahead with an open heart and mind.

This episode is a fly-on-the-wall experience; Katy and I bring some of our own murky fears to the surface and share what our own hang-ups have been in the past, and how we are breaking free of them moving forward.

If you’ve ever felt like you are getting in your own way, have been hamstrung by what other people think, or can see that your own expectations are hindering rather than helping you, then this one is for you!

It’s all about letting all of that go so we can show up as we are; fully committed to the process, unattached to the result (more of that in the episode!).

We hit on some really important topics that I know we all deal with- certainly in my work with riders, I’m seeing examples of it all the time. Both Katy and I would love to know how you find it and what your takeaways were from the episode. You can screenshot it and tag us in on social media (@confident_rider and @katynegranti on Instagram)- that always makes us do a happy dance!

To running your own race ?


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