✏️ 2/ 25 Notes To Self: An Advent Calendar of Self-Reflection 🌷 ✍️ On Anticipation

It’s interesting, because a few years ago if someone had asked you to describe the word “anticipation”, it’s like that you would have paired it with anxiety. But now when you think of the anticipation, you understand it as something so much bigger than that.

In fact, when the word lands in your body, it creates a feeling of expansion. You think of anticipation with a sense of possibility, an arms flung open feeling, eyes above the horizon sensation, sung to the melody of “come at me, I’m ready for you”.

This change in you was not a passive one. It has been hard-earned and we still consider it to be a work in progress. Let’s call it “the great decoupling”; the decoupling of activation from concern, of energy from worry, of vitality from a feeling of not being safe.

Your capacity has increased to the point where you are able to hold the energy of what’s to come in all its possibility, without it throwing you off centre in the “right now”.

You no longer need to escape from anticipation as a feeling. Instead, you see it as a necessary state of being for your body to rise to the occasion. As preparation to do some unfamiliar or uncomfortable. As a reminder to self that you can do hard things.

Your lens has widened to anticipate joy in the same way it used to be only available for concern. And for that, we are grateful.


❤️ Jane

Simple Ways To Come Back To Yourself

With so much going on in the world at the moment, it’s important to realise that you are more resilient than you might give yourself credit for. One of the ways we can resource ourselves and soothe any hypervigilance in our nervous system is through safe touch of the facial muscles, through gentle massage and mobilization.

These muscles of the face- the forehead, around the eyes, and cheeks- are key players when it comes to activating the social engagement system and ventral vagal activation and can help signal the rest of the body that it is safe to let go for a bit.

It’s a simple way of coming back to yourself, of extending nurturing and care, and of curating moments of pleasure and joy for us to develop a foothold in.


❤️ Jane

On Taking The High Road: Maintaining Integrity In The Face of Upset & Unease

You know, confrontation of any kind can be a hard thing to handle. In JoyRide, we’re talking all the time about the various communications (and miscommunications!) that happen within all the different types of relationships that we find ourselves in- both within our horsing life and outside of it.

I know way back when I was in my early twenties (when I was also reading a lot of different spiritual texts and throwing myself headlong into my own studies of body and breath), I convinced myself that if I was serious about this whole “mastering myself” malarky, that I needed to take myself off and live in a cave (spoiler alert: this definitely did not happen and actually sounds kind of ghastly to my present-day self. So cold! Those hard floors! But I digress…). What I’ve since understood is that the real learning happens in relationship. With yourself first and foremost, but beyond that with those we choose to surround ourselves with, and with those who temporarily, for a little while, or fleetingly cross our path.

When we are presented with the many faces of relationship, we get to see what our “stuff” really is. And it turns out, well… we have quite a lot of it. Stuff that is.

Enter at A our horses, and we are gifted with a magnifying glass that allows us to see things from a slightly different perspective. And in order to create a conversation, we have to approach things from a different angle, and with a new set of understandings; ones that require us to get out of our head, to let go of the stories we’ve told ourselves, and to be present to our direct experience.

In the last week or, I had an experience that allowed me to practice yet again. A confrontation that jolted me and temporarily knocked me off-center. It is in these moments I am grateful for the lessons that came before that allowed me, however briefly, to create a space between what I was feeling and experiencing and how I wanted to respond… which was ultimately with my integrity intact.

In this episode, I talk about exactly this and more. How we can manage the choppy waters of confrontation and discomfort and do so in a way that allows us to maintain perspective, integrity, and self-compassion.

You can tune your listening ears in here:

I hope you enjoy it!

❤️ Jane