On Pointing Towards Vitality

It’s easy to lose yourself in trainings, theories, and teachings that are focused on finding solutions to your stresses, anxieties, and challenges. But in our best attempts to help our horses and ourselves find a place of peace, we can over-focus on our “problems”, and find our solution-seeking ways are leading us away from vitality and aliveness rather than towards it.

Absolutely do what you need to best understand yourself and the position you are in at the moment. But remember what we are seeking is not a “loss” of something or a way to better “manage” things- be that anxiety, fear, concern, trauma, stress- but a gaining of enthusiasm, connection, capacity, robustness.

Along your travels make space for things that move your soul and actively seek them out. The healing is in the wonderment and finding the pockets of life in which it lives.


❤️ Jane