When Calming Down Isn’t The Answer: Dealing With Nervous System Activation In Horses & Humans

Is it ever NOT appropriate to calm down? We talked about this in a post a week or so back and I’m exploring more in today’s podcast!

Let’s break it down…

Whenever we move into a sympathetic response that brings a lot of energy to the surface (anger, fear, and anxiety are all examples of this) we are often taught that we need to calm down; that the goal is to move from a place of reaction and activation to relaxation by changing our thoughts and perhaps taking a series of deep breaths.

In order for us to find true relaxation, however, there needs to be a discharge and an honoring of the energy that’s present. This does not mean channeling anger towards someone or something in a harmful way or melting down in a pool of panic but it does mean meeting the energy where it’s at and finding ways to release it from the system so it’s not driven down to a darker and deeper place.

In order for it to be a corrective emotional experience, however, the energy needs to be integrated, not just released. What does that mean? In this episode, we explore exactly that. I give you two examples of how we can work with that- one horse and one human- in response to nervous system activation.

I hope you enjoy it!

❤️ Jane