Navigating The Edges Of Your Comfort Zone

Comfort zones! We are all aware that in order to expand or progress, we need to gently elasticize the edges of our comfort zone. The thing is, most of us are unaware of both the subtle and not-so-subtle forces at play that we need to overcome in order to do so, and as a consequence, we can find ourselves engaging in self-sabotaging behaviors or simply not doing what we need or want to do.

The first thing to get your head around is that your comfort zone is an expression of what’s most familiar to you, which may lie in stark contrast to what you actually want or desire.

For instance, if your modus operandi is to operate on a level of high stress, that sets your internal equilibrium point. Everything in nature seeks to maintain homeostasis (including us!), meaning that any movement outside of that- even if it’s for our ultimate benefit- is going to result in a level of internal resistance.

If you’re not aware of this, it’s easy to buy into the voices of the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee (who really come to the party at this point) or get sucked back into your normal mode of functioning simply because it’s the rest point you are most used to.

I talk about this and so much more in this episode, including:

⭐️ The importance of letting go of old ideas of progress as a linear progression, and instead understand the expansive and contractive nature of forward movement.
⭐️ Why it’s impossible for you to “go backwards”: How to reframe your understanding of experiences that feel like they are repeating
⭐️ Understanding anticipation anxiety as a call for preparation
⭐️ How to stand in the power of what it is you are feeling

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❤️ Jane

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