What’s IS the Brave Bucket Challenge?

You know the situation we sometimes find ourselves in where we know we are ready for the next step, but taking it feels like kind of a big deal? I feel you. That’s exactly what this challenge is about. 

The Brave Bucket Challenge is a free, 21 day challenge to incrementally expand your comfort zone and put some daily deposits in your Brave Bucket. It’s all to easy to become complacent, overly routined, or stuck in your comfort zone; let’s bust out of our self-imposed limitations and take some constructive action in the direction we want (and that we know we’re capable of). 

What can you expect?

+ Daily emails for the duration of the challenge with mindset tools, tips and inspiration to help you incrementally expand your comfort zone

+ Video snippets and updates as I share my adventure with you (and my thoughts along the way!)

+ Support and a virtual cheerleader (that’s me!) to help you get your head and heart in the right place to do what you love with your riding

I can’t wait to have you join me!