Returning To Courage with Tania Kindersley

Look peoples! It’s our first podcast back for the year and who better to kick off the new year with than the glorious Tania Kindersley. It’s true, my voice here is just a filler. You can kick back and relax listening to Tania’s dreamy tones (and consider, along with myself, as to whether Tania is secretly actually a member of the royal family)

Let it be known that the nasal inflections of my accent caused me to mispronounce her name for the first ¾ of the podcast, and what’s more for my entire life up until this point, but I have since course corrected and now, we are away!

With that important point out in the open, let’s get into what we are actually talking about in the podcast! Tania and I chatter about something dear to both of our hearts- writing, creativity and how that spills over into and informs our horsing lives also. As a professional writer and teacher, Tania has a liberating view of creativity and how we can inject more of it into our lives and riding for the benefit of ourselves and our horses.

I hope you enjoy it! Comment and tell us your thoughts and please feel free to share the love around!

Want to know where you can find Tania? These are your go-to places!

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