Horsemanship and Classical Equitation with Patrick King

Combining horsemanship and classical dressage, Patrick King is a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to a holistic approach to training. Some of you will have caught my conversation with Patrick live a couple of weeks back on Facebook, but I am super excited to bring it to you again in this week’s episode.

Among the many things we cover, Patrick discusses:

⭐️ The difference between groundwork and in-hand work
⭐️ Better understanding contact, and the relationship of the jaw and tongue connection to relaxation
⭐️ The primary and secondary function of the aids
⭐️ How in hand work translates to under saddle

I can’t wait for you to dive into it…. let the awesomeness commence!

You can find it on your favourite podcast app, or this link will shoot you to the episode on my website:

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Happy listening!

❤️ Jane