Head, heart & transformation: Behind the JoyRide

We are continuing on with the story time theme this episode! The episode before last I shared with you what I considered to be the main threads that have brought me to where I am now. Off the back of that, I had a number of people ask me the how and whys behind my work, and specifically the different components that led me to put together my membership program.

So! With that in mind, I decided to share the various elements that I see blend together to create mental strength, resilience and confidence, but beyond that, how it is we can gift ourselves with the skills to move towards better feeling spaces and show up for our horses in a way that is congruent and aligned.

There’s quite a lot in this one, but at the heart of it, it describes the movement away from a transactional approach to working with and riding horses, and towards understanding our partnership together as one of transformation. I hope you enjoy it!

❤️ Jane

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