Returning To Riding After Having A Baby

Returning to riding and renegotiating what your riding life looks like after you have a baby can be a really tough gig! In this episode, I get together with fellow riders and mums Ellie O’Brien and Sarah Attwater to talk about our own stories and discuss the challenges and adventures that come with combining motherhood, horses and riding.

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The Life Changing Magic of Simply Showing Up

Consistently showing up is a superpower. Not only does it create momentum but it ensures your continued progress in ways that may not be obvious to you from session to session. 

In this session, I talk about my own commitment to showing up, the transformation that it’s created in my training and with my horse, and the fixed ideas we have about success that get in the way of us getting out there and doing what is important to us.

If you enjoy this episode, please feel free to share and leave a review! 

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